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ash4bs 2d ago
This girl really is a trooper. Manhattan isn't exactly "kid friendly" so, she spent a lot of time in a stroller, or a high chair, or on our laps. She's been carried in her stroller up and down subway stations and strapped in her stroller as we've road the train literally from the bottom to the top of #manhattan so many times I can't count. So when we finally made the time to visit #centralpark, she took off running, and well, the smile speaks for it's self. ☺️❤️
#piperrebel #travelingbaby #workingthoselegs #sheepsmeadow #newyork #newyorkcity
#GirlsWhoEat🍁🐿🍂 Happy 5th Annual Ladies Fall Picnic to my favorites @alicia.g.lo and surrruh scur (who’s too cool for instagram) I wouldn’t binge eat fall favorites for 5 consecutive years with anyone else 🍁🐿🍂 #notvegan @wholefoods #sheepsmeadow #autumninnewyork #centralpark
Our favorite place in our favorite park. No trip is ever complete without it.
#sheepsmeadow #centralparknyc

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