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Happy h u m p day, folks!
Wednesday workout is one of my FAVES (tied with #legday)!💪🏽
•Full body lifting routine
•coming off 2 days of high fat low carb = I always feel l e a n 💕
•low reps means I get to CHALLENGE myself with heavy weights!🙌🏽 I was lifting 55 lb dumbbells (110 lbs!) for calf raises and could have done more! (Did you watch until the end for the blooper?😂)
Double tap if you killed your mid-week workout!🙌🏽😅💪🏽
✨You need to learn to start taking imperfect action. The person you become in the process is immeasurably more important than the results.✨
Procrastination is a sly friend of perfectionism. Don’t let them keep you from taking confident action towards your God-size goals!🙌🏽✨
What is ONE thing you can do today to move forward in imperfect action?
#unperfect #purposeoverperfection
Yesterday I decided I wanted change but didnt know what to do, I decided my hair is a good starting point. I wanted to try something I havent done before so I grabbed the clippers and took the side off. I'm quite happy with this look. Change is always welcomed ❤ thanks to everyone for the support in my decision. ❤ #shavedside #undercutalso #makeup #freedom

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