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Formación titular al completo para iniciar la promo de #beforedreamscometrue en un sitio donde nos sentimos como en casa!
En unos días podréis disfrutar de nuestro #liveinshasta de "A New Beginning" en electroacústico!
Gràcies Àlex i Guillem! 🙌 @shasta_daisy_produccions
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Out of season Shasta Daisy is in bloom. I thought, but if look closely it was an Nippon Daisy. Flowers resemble almost the same, but it is distinguished by the fact that the leaves are thick and that the stem is made woody.
Originally Shasta Daisy was crossbreed Nippon Daisy and Oxeye Daisy, so it is natural that similar. (The 3rd piece is Shasta Daisy.)
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29/100 - Shasta Daisy
This is my mom's favorite flower :) They come in all sorts of colors, so I thought I would create it in the grayscale set ;) . .
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It’s my 25th birthday today and I find myself at a quarter century looking excitedly forward to the things to come, but also thinking back on my life journey so far. ⠀

Some of you may not know this, but I am a twin. My twin sister, Kristen Daisy, passed away soon after we were born, but remembering Kristen is not, and never was, a sad thing in my life. Daises, in particular Shasta daisies, are my absolute favourite flower and a big reason why is because daisies have always been a beautiful and living memory of my sister—as well as a reminder of the hope and joy I have in Jesus that we will be reunited again one day. ⠀

A dear friend of our family, @hollyliz63, wrote a beautiful poem years ago for my sister and I that captures this expectation. Thank you, Holly, for blessing me and my family with your words. I’ll only share a few verses since the poem is longer than I can post on social media, but I thought the words are so fitting today. ⠀

“It’s been a long time⠀
Since we shared a home⠀
Under our mother’s heart.⠀
We’ll have a lot to talk about… ⠀
you and I.⠀
You can share with me ⠀
The sound of birds singing in the morning⠀
Or wind chimes blowing in the breeze.⠀
And I will share with you⠀
The sound of angels singing in harmony⠀
Sweet praises to God. (Hebrews. 1:6)⠀
You can share with me⠀
The joy of being tickled by big brothers⠀
Or comforted by the gentle hand of mother⠀
Or lifted high in the sky by the ⠀
strong arms of daddy.⠀
And I will share with you⠀
The peace of being cradled in the arms⠀
Of God, Himself,⠀
In a place where there are no⠀
tears or darkness. (Revelation 21:4, 22:5)⠀

It may be a long time ⠀
Until we once again share a home⠀
In our Father’s house in the sky. ⠀
We’ll have a lot to talk about …⠀
you and I.”⠀

Here’s to 25 years, Kristen. When we finally get to hang out—heart to heart—we’ll have a lot to talk about, you and I.

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