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" I would never give anyone else the power to change my personal virtues " - Shailene Woodley 🕊
This quote is underrated so give this edit some appreciation 😇 We need to bring back some old fashioned Fourtris book quotes (^-^)/

Check out my recent for the annual "We forgive you, Tris" edit, that breaks our hearts every. year. 💔

#qotd | Are you dressing up for Halloween? 🎃
#aotd | Nope
when you said your last goodbye, I died a little bit inside 💔🎶
Que dia ícone!! Essa surpresa que os meninos fizeram para uma fan 💞❤ ah como eu queria estar lá @5sos #2YearsOfSoundsGoodFeelsGood #2YearsOfSGFG
's typing...//
fc: 6501
-Your only limit is you.-
So this is the "theme divider" or how to say it. From now on i'll probably post some different edits as usual without the real "theme" you know...i will just go with the flow.😂🌊You can always drop some suggestions down bellow.📥 #qotd one thing you don't like it on my acc so i can improve it is...?
#aotd i ask it to you.✌
☁400 likes for "shailene" divider?
☁6.6k till wednesday?
☁comment or dm for sfs, f4f
☁thanks for reading I love you all sm
☁If you read it all the way to this comment "🐼"
#shailenebeauty #shailenewoodley #shai #shailer #shailene #shaileneybeany
Happy Monday and thank you guys deeply for 4K followers! You guys rock! Thanks for the support ! 🌺🙈

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