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Such a long, arduous, frustrating, challenging, rewarding, injury plagued, and travel filled "racing" season that was full of much self discovery has come to an end. Never broke 2 hours, but ran some beautiful courses and had the opportunity to see and experience many things I love. Attempted my first race longer than a half and basically died, so that's cool. I don't know how marathoners do it 😩. Throwing the distance shoes on the shelf and finding the gym shoes again. Also, a cardio riddled "fit" body 🐷 is SO much different than a healthy balance of strength and HIIT. #dadswhorun #sfmarathon #runcrazyhorse #leanhorse100 #dmtm #30k #halfmarathon #pearlizumi #liferunners #injuries #chroniccardio #lifting #dadswholift We will see what next year brings...🏃
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Tag a friend who you want to win and bring you! #ad #LiveLikeSusie
With every race comes a story, and the medals you receive help keep those stories remembered. And what a story these medals hold for me!
It all started with the #surfcityhalfmarathon where I would be completing my 3rd half marathon. It was the first one I actually wanted to set a goal time, hoping to hit under 2 hours. I remember crossing the finish line looking down at my watch knowing I didn't hit my goal. At first, I was disappointed, angry with myself for not pushing harder. Those negative thoughts quickly went away when I told myself I ran well and I just have to train harder. Funny thing is, the official time was 2:00:00. Just 1 second faster...what are the chances?! It was at this race I realized I enjoyed the combination of the mental and physical challenge of running and signed up for the #beachcitieschallenge .
The next on the list was the #ochalfmarathon and I went into it hoping to run in around 1:50. This was around the time California was getting some good rain, and for that race, we were very fortunate to be showered by hail. All any of us wanted to do was get running to warm up. The skies did clear and the moments of sun were much needed. Ended up surprising myself running just under 1:45 at 1:44:35. I still don't know how that happened, but from then on, I knew I could just continue to keep working hard and improving my time.
Finally, the last race of the challenge, the #longbeachhalfmarathon came. Before this one, I decided to run my first marathon at the #rocknrollsandiego and follow it with my 2nd for #sfmarathon . Both I had to upgrade my registration because I didn't think I'd do a marathon this year. That helped me prepare to push even harder for this race, clocking in at 1:38:24.
So these medals represent what hard work and dedication can do! There is no shortcut to accomplish goals you set for yourself. Find enjoyment in the process, as you may find it will all be worth the effort. .
You never know what you're capable of until you try, challenge yourself and give it your all. The things that take time may be what lasts a lifetime.
#medalmonday #instarunners #dedication #runningislife #running #goals #queenmary #longbeach
Day 8: SF Marathon
October is my birthday month. These are 31 days of 31 things I love.
No tengas miedo con que tu cilindro está !! Pichao!!! Busca uno nuevo con nosotros. Escríbenos por Dm #sfmarathon #sanfrsnciscodemscoris
Aprovecha nuestros servicios #tuestasdesuerte ya sabes lo que necesites lo tenemos. Favor contactarnos por Dm estamos en #sanfrsnciscodemacoris #sfm #seri56 #sfmarathon
Full marathon trainings in full swing. Let the countdowns begin. 😳 5 months left for the #LAMarathon. 8 months left for the #SFMarathon. 12 months left for the #NYMarathon. #TheNomadicSoles
Got a short, quality workout this morning. 4x800 meter repeats @ 5:30 pace. (2:46,2:41,2:50,2:45). Total of 6 miles. Also got a good p90x workout. Chest and back. -------
Two more easy runs on Fri and Sat and then it's race day on Sunday. Getting pretty excited since this race always has some very good competition so I know I'll be chasing some runners and will also be chased by some.
#citytothesea #805runners #santamariariverbed #p90x #p90 #p90xresults
6 easy miles and Ab-RipperX this morning. Haven't worked out my abs in months. Sometimes it's a little hard balancing a full time job, running, lifting weights, spending time with the wife and kids(which of course is the most important). But we gotta do what we can with the time we have. -------
Let's keep working hard so we can keep improving!!! #p90x #p90 #p90xresults #easyrun
City to the Sea Half Marathon on Sunday. --------
This is a special race. This is where I ran my first ever half marathon in 2014 and this year I will be back for half #32😀 .I ran 2014,2015,missed 2016 because I wanted a PR so I went to Long Beach to run a flat course, but no one told me it was gonna be 70 degrees at the start😂 I still managed to run a PR of 1:18 despite slowing down quite a bit the last 3 miles due to the heat. ------
The goal for Sunday will be to get a PR for this course. I'm sure I can't run a 1:18 on this course specially off marathon training, but I'll give it my best.
Got a nice 5k @ 10k pace this morning (18:05). #halfmarathon #13point1 #alwaysimproving #805runners
Medal Monday. No medal here, but I'll share a photo from a busy weekend of running at the Santa Rosa Marathon. --------
10k @ 7am.
5k @ 9am.
Pace full marathon @6:30am following day.
Not my fastest time, not my slowest, but had a great time and had a smile all weekend😀
Had to save energy for all the races that weekend.
#santarosamarathon #10k #medalmonday #funrun
Regram from @kalkavade When your mom just wants a nice photo of you running cuz she loves you so she buys your marathon photos but you’re still flaunting your #bitchplanet style 🖕#noncompliant #runningwhilenoncompliant 🏃🏻‍♀️ #fromwhereirun #instarunners #runsf #tsfm2017 #sfmarathon #sanfrancisco #frogmouthclothing #rollerderby
.last run of the year 🍻.
My last run of the year. Finished up the SF Originals circuit. I have a few minor nagging injuries/issues that I've been managing all year and they have finally caught up with me, so now it's time to heal up good and proper. You can try to outrun a lot of things, but injuries aren't one of them. "Don't wish it were easier, wish you were better." -Jim Rohn
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A decent pace for the #bridgetobridge run. I was hoping for sub 7:30/mile, but I'm happy with the results. Got my special medal for the #sfmarathon #baytobreakers #giantsrace combo. #werunsf
Nice 20 mile run this morning.
First 15 miles easy. Last 5 at Marathon Pace (6:30)

#santamarialevee #santamariariverbed
Time for a long run. The earlier I get started the earlier I can be home to enjoy the day. 😁

#longrun #sundayrun #sundayrunday #805runners

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