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🔥 IMAGINE 🔥*dont Read if you’re not comfortable with sexual acts* enjoy. You woke up and Justin wasn’t there so you went to the kitchen. He was standing there making food with his sexy back that made you horny. “Good morning babe” Justin said with his sexy morning voice. “Good morning” you said and hugged his back. Moving you hand to his dick. “You little dirty girl” Justin said “pls fuck me” you said kissing his back. He turned around and lifted you up, you wrap you legs around him and he took you to the table. You were laying on the table and he took slowly off you underwear. He had a smirk on his face. He took off his pants and underwear too. His dick was all hard and juicy. You bit your lip. “You like what you see?” He said “love it” You said smirking. “Fuck me daddy” you said. He placed his dick on your pussy going gently inside. You loved it but at the same time you wanted him to be faster so that he could fuck You already. You felt jerry in your pussy “are you ready?” He said “yes” you said then he went slowly in and out. For a while then he went in faster and faster. Your moans were getting louder and you could hear them in the whole house. You got a orgasm and you loved every second of it. “Daddy!” You moan. He went faster. He was rlly fast for a while but got even faster and it started to hurt a little bit, but you loved it. You were all wet. You could see Justin enjoying fucking you. You rubbed your clit. *a hour later* you were sitting on the couch and Justin got up from the couch so you did that too. When you were standing up you felt so weak, you couldn’t feel you legs. You fell on Justin and he catched you “did I fuck you that hard” he said and smirked. Your legs were hurting. ❤️ hope you liked it 😘 comment something nice pls 😌 ‼️ don’t forget to turn on my notifications ‼️ #justinbieber #imagine #sexualimagine @_jb_now_nd_forever @jb_im_a_belieber_jb @bieberismyhottie @lenanguyen674 @jasonmccannsgirl8699 @grandeniki
💦 IMAGINE 💦 ‼️ don’t read if you’re not comfortable with sexual acts ‼️ Enjoy 😉 you were taking a shower. You’re eyes were closed because you didn’t want to get soap in your eyes. You hear the bathroom door open “hey Justin” you said but didn’t get an answer. You open your eyes and felt someone behind you “hey babe” Justin said. His hand went down to to your area. You turn around and bite your lip looking Justin in the eyes “I was trying to take a shower here” you say “aren’t you happy I came” he said “yes but I know that it’s not gonna be a shower anymore when you’re here” You smirked and he pushed you against the wall. He puts his hand on your hips and his lips on yours then he kissed your neck. He went inside of you “damn you’re so tight baby” he said and you moan. He took the hair off your face and kissed you passionately. Then suddenly blood was dripping down “omg babe I’m so sorry, I didn’t know that I would get my period today” you said “no it’s okay babygirl, that doesn’t stop me” he smirked and continued. Now you two were on the floor because it was so slippery and he didn’t want you to fall and brake something. He stand up and you were on your knees sucking his dick. You got cum all over your face but it went right off because of the water. Then after a while you two were washing each other. ❤️ hope you liked it 💋😘 tag someone that likes imagines pls and everyone that comments will be tagged in the next imagine 💕 #justinbieber #imagine #sexualimagine
💦🔥 IMAGINE 👅🍆 enjoy. You were walking down the stairs and when you’re on the first floor Justin comes out of nowhere and pushes you against the walls “omg you scared me” You say “do you know what’s about to happened?” He smirked at you “I....” justin put his lips on yours “I’m all yours” you said and looked him in the eyes. Then the clothes went off *doorbell rings* “what the hell” Justin said and put on his clothes again. He went to see who it was you were still standing there. After a while you got tired of waiting so you walked to the door but Justin wasn’t there “Justin!?” You shout. You went to the living room and fell hands around you, it was Justin. He put on handcuffs on you “I said that you will get punished” he smirked. “What are you gonna do now?” You smirked. “Can we have anal sex” you said “that’s what I like to hear, good girl” he smirked and fucked you. 💗 Love ya luvs. Don’t forget to comment what you think about it 💗 ‼️ everyone that comments will be tagged in the next imagine ‼️ share my imagine = shoutout on story 💕 #justinbieber #imagine #sexualimagine
User Image drunkdolann Posted: May 9, 2017 7:59 PM (UTC)
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When I saw their video intro straight away I thought of their old vine 😂 So I was looking for it for over half an hour just for you guys aha ❤️ It's a THROWBACKK edit aha. Ik it's a short one but I felt like posting today! Also if you guys want to collab with me we can! Picture or video I don't mind ☺️ I love working/ chatting/ meeting you guys! Anyways maybe tag them both? @ethandolan @ethandolan @graysondolan @graysondolan ~
#dolantwins #graysondolan #ethandolan #dolanedits #sexualimagine #twintuesday #lovedolantwins #imagines#13ReasonsWhy #grethandolan #edit #vine #mybae #myworldie #mylove #dolandrawing #drawing #loveyouguyssomuch #peace✌❤💍
User Image drunkdolann Posted: Apr 17, 2017 9:33 PM (UTC)
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(AHHH TB TO MY FIRST EDIT WHICH I DELETED 😂)Sorry that I have been inactive 😫 But I promise that I will be uploading at least 3 times a week if I can because I'm back at school tomorrow 😭 Anyways I thought I'd make this edit because it's becoming summer kinda 😂 Please tag them both? @ethandolan @ethandolan @graysondolan @graysondolan ~
#dolantwins #graysondolan #ethandolan #dolanedits #sexualimagine #twintuesday #lovedolantwins #imagines #grethandolan #edit #mybae #myworldie #mylove #dolandrawing #drawing #loveyouguyssomuch #peace✌❤💍
User Image ethstish8 Posted: Nov 21, 2016 8:22 PM (UTC)
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You & your boyfriend Grayson have been together 11 months, almost a year. You're both virgins & want to wait for the right time.
It's now your 1 year anniversary, & he plans a date night. 1st you're going to go out to dinner, then going to the beach, then going back to his house & watching a movie & a sleepover. You're so excited because you know how Grayson likes to go all out with his plans & you always love it.
When the date's over, & youre watching the movie, he keeps staring at you.
You: What?
Grayson smiles
Grayson: You're just so beautiful. I'm the luckiest guy alive. I love you so much (y/n). You: I love you too, Gray.
You begin to kiss, & it slowly gets more passionate. You run your hands up & down his body. You can sense the want you both have. He kisses your neck & you remove your shirt. His hands trail down your sides, giving you shivers. Soon you are both in only your underwear. You break the kiss & whisper to Grayson, "I'm ready." He looks at you for a moment & says "Are you sure?" You nod your head. Grayson slides your underwear off, slowly. He kisses down your body all the way to your spot. He removes his boxers & trails kisses back up to your neck. He slowly slides his hands down & rubs you, before carefully inserting a finger. Your breathing hitches. He does this for a while until finally he says "Are you still sure you're ready?" While kissing your neck. "Yes." You reply. He lines his length up with you & slowly goes inside you. It hurts at first, but as you continue, the sensation overwhelms the pain. He starts getting deeper & faster as time passes. You feel yourself building up. You're close & so is he. He buries his head in your neck & as you climax, you both cry out. He collapses on top of you, both of you breathing heavily. He rolls over, & you cuddle up to him.
Grayson: Oh my god. I love you so fucking much (y/n). That was amazing.
You: I love you too, Gray. I'm so glad I waited for you to come into my life. You're my everything.
Grayson: You're my everything too, baby. I promise you, I'm going to call you my wife one day.
You curl up & fall asleep together as you think about how perfect your life is.
User Image theweelknd_._ Posted: Aug 3, 2016 9:26 AM (UTC)
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Hey guys 👋🏽👋🏽 so I am going to continue doing sexual imagines ☺️ but I wanna take it up a step so if you don't have one already the app in going to be writing on is Called @wattpad Please download it if you want to read my stories and if you are sensitive to anything sexual stay off my wattpad 😂😂 ok? Ok thank you guys and remember to vote for my stories and like them and leave comments I'll even be doing request ⭐️ LOVE YOU ALL XOTWOD -
#abeltesfaye #Abel #xotwod ##theweeknd #theweeknd #sexualimagine #imagine
User Image theweelknd_._ Posted: Jul 30, 2016 8:06 AM (UTC)
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Imagine: you and Abel go out for a nice dinner before you guys go out Abel is eyeing you in your tight long black dress and the entire night he was trying things when you get home you realize Abel walked straight up the steps when you take your heels off and walk into your room you see him with his tie undone his jacket off and you walk behind him when out of no where he turns around so fast you at pressed up against the wall as he looks at you in your eyes and says " so you think all that teasing shit is gonna get un noticed?" He slowly kisses all over your body and all night you guys fuck long. And hard so Abel can get his point through NEVER TEASE DADDY🙏🏽 -
#abeltesfaye #Abel #xotwod #theweeknd #imagine #sexualimagine
User Image mjulies Posted: Jan 28, 2016 5:15 PM (UTC)
1 Clarendon
La bocca è quell'organo sessuale che alcuni depravati utilizzano per parlare. #words by #Woody _Allen #lips #Woody #genius #loveit #sexualimagine
User Image ashmicaluke Posted: Oct 5, 2015 9:59 PM (UTC)
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Okay, but like, am I the only one who thinks that both Luke and Ashton would be really sweet, tender and passionate during the act of sex while Michael would just be a merciless bitch making you whine to b allowed to cum and while Calum is there spending an incredible time treating your clit and trying to figure out how all the toys work and how he can make the deed a little more exciting every time while you're just there trying to make clear to him that he doesn't need to change anything and that he's perfect without all those extra's.... or is it just me? #michael #clifford #michaelclifford #5sos #5secondsofsummer #lukehemmings #ashtonirwin #calumhood #5sosimagine #5secondsofsummerimagine #lukehemmingsimagine #lukeimagine #ashtonimagine #ashtonirwinimagine #michaelimagine #michaelcliffordimagine #calumimagine #calumhoodimagine #sex #seximagine #sexualimagine #hot #sexy #band #music #rock #punk #badboy #guitar

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