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Another one from the 2014/15 archives, #SexAndTakeout. Some words behind the series from my @Forbes interview with @livvperez, "As women, we need to feel ownership over our indulgences, our pleasures, and teaching others how to please us. We need greater indulgence in our words, indulgence in our bodies, and what we do with them. Many of us have inherited boundaries that are unnecessary and unkind, I am an advocate for doing away with over-thinking it, and claiming that freedom moment to moment."
Friend: Plans Tonight?
Me: 🍕
Photo by one of my favs @sarahbahbah I saw her work at @scopeartshow last year and fell in love with her latest "food porn " series #sexandtakeout 📸The photographer’s profile has become one of the most shared accounts on Instagram, hosting her portfolio of seductive, coming of age images. A LA transplant by way of Melbourne, Bahbah got her start shooting music festivals, capturing intimate, private moments within the human experience and bringing them to light. Today, her body of work has expanded to colorful, 90’s-inspired episodes that she releases periodically through her platform. Her work has featured faces like Neels Visser, Cailin Russo, and Adesuwa Aighewi as characters she builds within her storylines, each inspired by their own life experiences. Her sarcasm and candor makes her account relatable and introspective, allowing her to amass a cult following of over 230,000 people. From her teenage angst series Summer Without a Pool to her breakout “food porn” series Sex and Takeout, Bahbah is a creative force to be reckoned with, pushing her followers to be as fearless and vulnerable as she is. Bahbah talks the release of her latest series, For Arabella, and how she hopes her art empowers women to abandon self-censorship, embrace indulgence, and live in the moment. Olivia Perez - Forbes