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User Image wildflowerseasoul Posted: Nov 12, 2017 9:25 PM (UTC)
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she came, she swirled, & she almost conquered.
we will never forget 9/11. 💙 but now have another significant reason to remember september 11th. couldn't have imagined this ~ a time when ALL of florida would completely ... i do mean completely ... disappear under one of the most epic hurricanes on record. that would've seemed too apocalyptic to cope with. but cope with it, we all did. irma & maria were unbelievable, & are now infamous. notorious. like katrina, all other hurricanes will be compared to & measured against these behemoth gals. it's truly been something, hasn't it, folks?
yep, irma got to me. two months later i can finally talk about her. it helps. so, keeping in mind this is MILD compared to what others endured, here's what that main night was like in our little corner....

it was a dark & stormy night.

(i couldn't resist.) but seriously ... very rough & scary. irma's worst hit us from early evening that sunday, all through the night. she finally left monday afternoon. talk about a "long-duration storm event". irma's power was a BIG surprise to us up north. it was abundantly clear we'd get major weather, but we expected a tropical storm by the time she got all the way up here. never dreamed she'd hit us as a
CAT 2 hurricane this far north. the wind gusts were loud & violent as they whipped & slashed against & around our home, shaking everything. it was incredibly unnerving to hear & feel, especially in complete darkness when power was lost & the moon couldn't even shine through. 🌑 we wanted to witness the storm & stay up & on guard, but went on to bed since we couldn't see a thing. i've been through gnarly storms & some scary L.A. earthquakes, but never anything like this. though not in an evacuation zone, it was so odd & frightening feeling specifically unsafe in our home, & knowing we couldn't leave ~ & we knew we weren't even getting the worst, which freaked us out more! we worried so for everyone. an event like this changes you. shocks your system. but we came out of it intact, mega grateful, & sooo very lucky considering the hard hit, with only minimal roof & neighborhood damage. definitely exhaled a big ol'
W H E W.
User Image the_impossible_deuce Posted: Nov 11, 2017 3:26 AM (UTC)
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Offbeat Americana: A brief lesson in severe-storm meteorology.... You’d be wise to know how to identify ‘mammatus’ clouds. These will frequently appear before or after a tornado or hailstorm event (seriously). You’ll know mammatus clouds when you see them because there will be bandaids strategically applied to conceal the most risqué parts. It’s important to conform to the accepted social sensibilities, you see, even for clouds. #mammatus #mammatusclouds #bandaid #bandage #bandagedress #cloudpornography #pornographic #meteorology #weather #severeweather #tornado #hailstorm #funny #funnyshit #funnymemes #breast #boobs #badanza #knockers #rack #mammalia #storm #severestorm #stormchasers
User Image cynarmstrong76 Posted: Nov 7, 2017 7:05 AM (UTC)
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Bundaberg is being hit with severe storm. Just had supercell passed over #severestorm #supercell #thankgoodnessnohail

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