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GIRLEEN: Not at all. I’m not a tough. It’s because... even if you’re sad or something, or lonely or something, you’re still better off than them lost in the ground or in the lake, because... at least you’ve got the CHANCE of being happy, and even if it’s a real little chance, it’s more than them dead ones have. And it’s not that you’re saying ‘Hah, I’m better than ye’, no, because in the long run it might end up that you have a worse life than ever they had and you’d’ve been better off as dead as them, there and then. But at least when you’re still here there’s the POSSIBILITY of happiness, and it’s like them dead ones know that, and they’re happy for you to have it. They say ‘Good luck to ya.’
...Is the way I see it anyways.
Günün film önerisi: Bir çete üyesinin çok sevdiği köpeğini kaçıran garip bir senaryo yazarı ile en az onun kadar garip arkadaşının hikayesini anlatan "Seven Psychopaths"

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Happy 5th anniversary to Seven Psychopath, director Martin McDonaugh's all-star dark crime comedy about a struggling screenwriter getting entangled with dangerous criminals and murders (or "psychopaths" as they the characters repeatedly use) when his best friend kidnaps a gangster's dog. This is a very low key but very bloody Tarantino-esque comedy of errors that gets by on McDonagh's sly script and direction and it's rich ensemble. Even when the laughs are sporadic, I just love watching these guys delivering fine performances and having a lot of fun with the material.
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Movie: Seven Psychopaths (2012)
Director: Martin McDonagh
Hilarious scene. Just saw this movie today and I thought it was great. The dark humor was always perfectly on cue and well placed. The heavy cast including Christopher Walken, Colin Farrel, Sam Rockwell, and Woody Harrelson were sublime. I still haven’t seen “In Bruges” directed by McDonagh, but this definitely influenced me to put that next on my list.
Solid 8.5/10 👌🏻
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🎞Семь психопатов (2012)🎞

Безбашенная комедия с крутейшим актерским составом🔥🔥😈

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THREE BILLBOARDS OUTSIDE EBBING MISSOURI : I was long awaiting this film and boy did it deliver. Lucky to catch it at San Diego International Film Festival, this film is out Nationwide on 10 Nov. This is another materpiece by Martin Mcdonagh , the director of brilliant dropped comedies #inbruges and #sevenpsychopaths . A little more mainstream than those, this film is also a dark comedy/drama with brilliant performances by #francesmcdormand #woodyharrelson #samrockwell #peterdinklage #caleblandryjones . The story is about a mother fighting to keep her daughter's case alive to catch the culprits who killed her. She has to stand against the whole town. The story is simple but the treatment is not . Each character is multidimensional, well rounded and deep. The story has everything- challenges , conflict, redemption. The end or the resolution is also very notable. Touching multiple issues, the movie succeeds in doing what seems to be the most difficult these days - seeing the other side. When hatred stalls progress, empathy given and received is the one that can set the ball rolling and lead the way for resolution. Beautiful, complex , strong , this movie is for sure a #mustwatch and #oscarcontender
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