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#sephotochallenge day 1 - my goals for the month are to reach 17 stone 0lbs and to achieve my bronze body magic award. #slimmingworlduk #weightlossjourney #bodymagic #swphotochallenge
Discover the landscapes of South Africa in true style, with a once-in-a-lifetime journey aboard the luxurious Blue Train. Taking you from barren Great Karoo to the sprawling Cape Winelands, this epic holiday also includes Cape Town and Pretoria stays and all travel. Head to the site to book now 🛤
@nadahm3 took this shot of a snow-dusted Siberian village on the Trans-Siberian Railway - a train journey we'd love to take! Share your photos of train journeys with us for the chance to be featured on our page - our favourite will win £20 @secretescapes credit! To enter, simply hashtag #sephotoproject and #iconictrainjourneys 📷🚂
annajib 36w ago
"I wish I could remember exactly what it was like.
The things I'd do just to take me back when I shut me eyes" - HONNE
bageuur 36w ago
Why bother looking at the past when you'll have me in the future? (📷: @tikamorenaa)
Mereka mengira aku lah kekasih yang baik bagimu sayang,

tanpa mereka sadari, bahwa kaulah yang menjadikan aku kekasih yang baik.

mana mungkin aku setia padahal memang kecenderunganku adalah mendua, tapi kau ajarkan aku kesetiaan, sehingga aku setia, kau ajarkan aku arti cinta, sehingga aku mampu mencintaimu seperti ini -B.J.Habibie-

Cukup motoin mereka aja sebagai freelancer. Sisanya mbatin aja, "udah beda, katanya." Sorry kalo kurang bagus bosqq @anindarahma
I was tagged by the beautiful @genmakeup to do this september photo challenge. Sounds good to me. Let's do tis. But I'm late, so I'm going to start on its day 20th #sephotochallenge #beautycare
#sephotochallenge day14 #shoe game...sorta...never been a big shoe person, but I love these shoes!