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Over the course of my life I have been blessed with a clear calling to Love & Serve The Lord! In fulfilling this call from God I have had the sincere pleasure of meeting and working with many wonderful people of all ages throughout my life. Today, I'd like to start recognizing some amazing folks that have been genuine blessings to me personally and in the ministry which God has called me to. These three young ladies are a sampling of the caliber of Youth I was blessed to work with at ELC and I'm proud to call them my friends to this day. Their genuine love of Jesus, their dedication, and their gentle souls were paramount in deeply enriching the ministry which I had the pleasure of coordinating at ELC, and continue to bless me to this very day. Thank you for being you Leah, Sara & Renee! 😊❤💯
#ministry #sistersinchrist #agape #blessings #elc #elcyouth #southmountain #seniors #seniorbrunch #friendship
Happy Monday! Shoutout to our seniors! Thank you sisters for all you do for our chapter! We love you all so much! 👭 #happymonday #seniorappreciation #sdtramapo #seniorbrunch
The purpose of this event is to make our senior community aware of the importance of maintaining a stable, healthy and happy lifestyle.
OCTOBER 7, 2017 • 11:30AM a 4:00 PM BROOKLYN COLLEGE OF COMMUNITY OUTREACH (Manhattan Location)
25 Broadway #700, New York, NY 10004 • 7th Floor #seniorbrunch #wellnessforall #holistichealth #wellnesscoach
Tuesday brunchin before classes start tomorrow! I can't believe how fast these four years have gone by... the real world isn't ready for our shenanigans👯👯 Everything in this spread is from @anniskk Porridge book! Blueberry cardamom buckwheat porridge, vanilla mulberry oats, chocolate quinoa flakes, and turmeric chia pudding with ALL the toppings👍 #dontstopbeleafing
These girls are about to start their Senior year!💕I definitely teared up doing these signs it was beyond special because one is my best friends daughter Karley that I have been blessed to be in her life since she was born she is amazing and I love her so and 2 others I have known for so long!! These girls are so incredible and gorgeous!! Good luck girls!! Enjoy every minute of this year!!! It's all yours💕Whatever you do it well💕 #seniors #seniorbrunch #classof2018 #signs #woodsigns #rustic #homedecor #gifts #folsom
happy birthday to my bestie and fav car karaoke/dance partner @jacob_bottroff! 💘🎉 I love you more than all the Braum's in the world and I hope you have the best day/year ever! 😘💖
PS. I like how this is the only acceptable picture we have and it's 10 years old 😂 .
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