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User Image kelleyferro Posted: Nov 18, 2017 4:17 AM (UTC)
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Trust me, it’s even better in person. 🐲

YOU can win this free trip to Suzhou, China & experience the gardens, the dumplings, the rickshaws, the canals— all of it— just like I did in September! Airfare, hotels, food & experiences for two, all included!!!
🚩How to enter:
1. Follow 🐾 @VisitSuzhou
2. Comment on the contest post & tag 2 friends.

To get inspired, watch my latest dumpling making video— link in bio. 🔝🥟🥟🥟

Best of luck! I hope they pick one of my fans!🤞🏼🤞🏼
User Image mamoutemout Posted: Nov 18, 2017 6:22 AM (UTC)
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One more day discovering the wonders of Laos. ☄Blue Lagoon, 10km from Vang Vieng is one of them. 🏞🌳🏊 ◇

Un jour de plus à la découverte des merveilles du Laos. ☄ Blue Lagoon, à 10km de Vang Vieng est l'une d'entre elles. 🏞🌳🏊 ◇

#BlueLagoon 🏞 #VangVieng 🏤 #ChillOnASwing 🍹 #Turquoisewater 💧 #EscapeTheHeat 😫
User Image weylansmithers Posted: Nov 18, 2017 1:35 AM (UTC)
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Spot the Qantas hat!
-Hundreds of crew hats line the roof of this bar. 🎩 •

#QF #Qantas #LHR #Japan #Narita #Jetlagbar #seeasia #asia #a330 #dc3
Lamb tonkotsu ramen from Mensho Tokyo 🐑 🍜 🇯🇵 First time I've ever had Lamb with ramen, definitely innovative and tasty. I don't mind gamey but it was quite rich, and I struggled to finish my bowl.
User Image _kristenschneider Posted: Nov 17, 2017 11:02 AM (UTC)
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Magical comes to mind ✨heavenly swings, tea tasting, sacred baths, ancient temples, and cascading rice terraces ✨ Bali, you live up to the ways people rave about you! Also, I️ wrote this poem a couple weeks ago at home, but I️ feel like it should be shared alongside these photos ☺️ Maybe endings don’t happen at the end. They happen while everything else is happening. Endings might be like stars that shine long after they’ve died out. Perhaps what we recognize as the end, is really just the final echo of a fading that has been happening for a very long time. And maybe these endings are not endings at all. Like staring out into a field of rice paddies, cascading terraces of life growing on a field that the season prior, was death. An endless terrain with no real start nor end, convoluted designs almost painted by shadows, given distinction only by the contrast of light. Maybe joy doesn’t live most comfortably inside a smile. Maybe joy feels most at home on an expressionless face that’s just taking in the world; joy might be more at ease inside a tear drop. The smile we assume to be joyous might just be the dotting of an i and the crossing of a t on arduous phrase that has been in the works for a very long time. Maybe the smile we stamp as happy and joyous is really just a pause point, a faces’ chance to reset while the spirit catches a breath. You see, authenticity has a very short shelf life; therein, it is constantly dying to be reborn.

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