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A little #sdac action for @mollygetsfit12. I'll be sticking to hot tea and water today. My throat is still killing me. It hurts to even swallow. I'm tomorrow will be better.
#sdac ask requested by @graciegettinfit When I'm slightly headachy these bubble waters settle me a little. Thank you for hydration reminder, Grace! Passing the #sfac reminder to @fitgirln_pritchr @fitgirlnick_deya @deezfitnuts #fitgirlscommunity #wearefitgirls #fitgirlsunite #fitgirlvarsity #fitgirlmom #fitgirlsdontquit #fitgirlvibes
🚨long post alert🚨Girls!! I got my first package of #fitgirlmail today from my #fitbestie @fitgirltarrah and it makes me miss my beautiful friend sooooo much!! 😢It almost brought me to tears and made me smile all at the same time, because I realized that while my little pink package was flying over the ocean to get to me, the fitgirl world was imploding...but then it gets here all pretty and sparkly like a big hug across the sea, and I'm am I not gonna be excited?? How am I not going to wear it with pride?? Why shouldn't I put the sticker on my water cup to remind me to #sdac ?? How am I going to feel ashamed over something that's not shameful?? That little pink heart and dumbbell is not about one person! It's represented by all of us, and I still love the heck out of the books and the recipes and the fact that posting everyday on here makes me not go back for seconds (sometimes 🙊) Look, I don't consider myself a "pillar" necessarily in this community. Nor has that ever been my goal..I was never gonna rise to the top of fitgirl popularity because well...quite frankly I'm too busy for the work involved and am not very good at editing photos or videos 😆 But I still believe in what the brand is all about. NOW, that doesn't mean I agree whatsoever with the things that have come to light or feel good about the fact that people were hurt. But I don't like to play in the dirt, I wasn't gonna chime in about this at all because it really has nada to do with me, but I felt the need to today. I have my opinions about professionalism and how a brand should be represented and not blurring the line between customers and friends but seriously on very rare ocasiones does a company and its failings have the opportunity to be exposed in the way @fitgirlsguide was, but such is the nature of the beast that is social media. To be honest, how many companies would we be involved with or buy products from if we knew the kind of people making them? Same for the entertainment industry...the fact is, if there is a severe personality flaw in anyone involved, as in these issues are not isolated incidents, then perhaps this exposure will (cont in comments)
📼 Ecco un frame dall'ultima produzione SDAC. Un cortometraggio che ha coinvolto gli studenti della scuola nei principali ruoli, dalla produzione e organizzazione, arrivando al set cinematografico. Un poliziesco anni 70' con risvolti torbidi. Girato tra il Centro Storico di Genova, la periferia e il profondo entroterra. Una trama intricata, che omaggia il cinema di genere, con personaggi classici come il commissario, l'ispettore e la banda di criminali. Restate sintonizzati per ulteriori dettagli 📼
#sdac #genova #liguria #film #cortometraggio #film #movie #70s #70 #polizia #police #violence #violenza #snuffmovie #snuff #savona #laspezia #imperia #genoa #horror #torture #troupe #glitch #graphic #graphics #webart #netart #scuola

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