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My mother once told me that when my father secured his #job at UPS, he gave her the choice of staying home with my brother and I or moving ahead with her career. She chose the latter. My father drove the “big brown truck” (he was one of the 1st black UPS drivers in my area) for 15 years, then went into management for the company, eventually retiring after 30 years at age 55. My Mom went into housing via the Dept of Housing & Urban Develpment (HUD) and eventually was promoted to Executive Director of the housing commission that employed her. Her career ended after 26 years. Suffice to say, without 4-year degrees, they both did well for our family and made a ‘nice’ amount of money when we were children. Their choice to take part in the 40/40/40 plan afforded my brother Ja-Raun and I a very blessed childhood for which I’m thankful.
We were taught growing up that the path to the American Dream was:
1. A good education,
2. A nice, cushy job (which was obtained because of said education) and finally,
3. Work; for 40 years and retire. That my friends, was life, living, and the pursuit of #happiness.
What if there was another way?
What IF my Mom had chosen to stay home versus forge her own career path?
What IF instead of investing 40 years of my life into someone else’s #retirement plan, I find a way to invest in myself, learn the skills required to help others see beyond their circumstances and at the same time could earn in one month what may have taken my parents 6-8 months to earn🤷🏽‍♀️? What IF!?!? Not only am I thankful that the last “what if” is now possible (and legal 😉), I’m truly blessed to have learned that I never want to be ‘dependent’ on anyone but myself for additional income and security. Not child support, not sugar daddy stipends, not alimony, not even my future husband’s paycheck; just Benjamin’s derived from the blood, sweat, and tears from my own labor. IF life transitions and the aforementioned income sources are bestowed upon me, I’d like to be in a position where they ‘compliment’ our lifestyle, not support it entirety .
If you’re a Queen who see’s beyond the “triple 40”, double-tap & drop some 💜in the comments👇🏾. Let’s chat🙋🏽‍
Fall break is upon us! Whatever your plans are for this weekend, there’s always time to shop! Come see us to find your new favorite fall pieces! 🍂🤗😍 #fallbreak #schoolshopping #daisymooreok #coldweather

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