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Cyrus is trying to tell me he feels sick.. doesn't sound like sick.. 😂 "me shit!" #toddlertalk #saywhatt #lmao
It's the FIRST DAY of FALL and I have a little something SPECIAL for y'all!!!! 🤗🤗🤗 You all have heard me talk about the plexus Triplex and how it CHANGED my life. I no longer have horrible tummy issues and with that relief I was able to say goodbye to the bloating! I no longer have the major sugar cravings and my ENERGY level is crazy - even while pregnant! Not to mention sleeping is oh so nice now - I literally sleep like a rock!!! These three products do different things and were created to work together to address 3 key issues most people struggle with (and usually don't even know these are the cause!!!) Gut health, blood sugar regulation and inflammation. 🍁ProBio5 - the best probiotic you'll come across. The strands of bacteria actually make it past your stomach acid and into your gut, where they are needed most. 👌🏻 Contains chitosanase which breaks through the tough exterior of yeast in your gut. Kills the bad, replenishes the good. 🍁BioCleanse - This is a magnesium supplement which most everyone is deficient in. It flushes out all the toxins in your body, oxygenates your body and keeps you regular. 🙌🏻 🍁Slim - Balances blood sugars to give you energy and help with that midday sluggish feeling so many of us have. Curbs sugar cravings, burns stored fat, balances cholesterol and lipid levels and is simply LIFE CHANGING. 👏🏻 With an added prebiotic to feed the probiotic, Slim and Probio5 are a match made in heaven 😍

And guess favorite combo is 10% off!!! 😱😱😱 #sayWHATT??!! HAPPY FALL! #wellness #plantbased #bloodsugar #guthealth
Oh what a time to be aliveee! ⚡️⚡️TAKING ME BACK to 1995 with the same excitement as when we got our new mermaid barbies who's hair changed colour in the bath! #SAYWHATT
#mermaidbarbie #barbienails #colourchangenails #excitement #throwback #nails #greynails
#schultern und #lat done - langsam sprenge ich nicht nur die normalen, sondern auch die sport bhs - wie schön er sich in meinen brustmuskel schneidet und da ich nie brust trainiere ein untrügerisches zeichen für #latgains 🤓 dank unseres campingurlaubes und drei wochen timeout esse ich auch tatsache endlich nicht mehr nach der uhr, sondern nach hungergefühl #saywhatt was mich teilweise auf vieeeeel zu wenig food am ende des tages bringt (1400 pre workout 20 uhr) sodass ich danach oft noch etwas nachladen kann bzw muss. es hat dann also nach dem ausdiäten 8 monate (postcomp) gedauert, bis ich meinen körper wieder 'höre' 🙆🏼 absolut irre irgendwie 🤔

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