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User Image coachsharita Posted: Aug 16, 2017 3:21 AM (UTC)

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It will officially be my #birthday in a little less than 1 hour, and I truly thank God for life, and allowing me to see another year of life!
There was a time I couldn't walk, and although I still deal with pain daily, I thank God for the ability to dance & celebrate as you see in this video!

Life is for living: to worship Him, to be in purpose,to enjoy,and to be in abundance(John 10:10)! I've been through some HE$% & the devil tried to take me out ever since I was an infant, through out my teens, & Even adulthood. 7 years ago being the biggest physical attack being ran over by an 18 wheeler truck while WALKING!! BUT GOD!! I'm getting my life baby, & I encourage you to get yours!

#Celebratelife #grateful #leoseason #leo #savedandlivinglife #holinessandall #salsa #merengue #latina #dominicana