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On one of my journeys my path led me to a little house next to a big rock. The old woman that lived there invited me in, she seemed to have been expecting me. She listened to the wind, an ability that only a few of her tribe still had. On this wind she received six feathers for me. I told her about my struggles and intentions and she offered her help. This woman seemed to be a woman of medicine. In my time with her I felt like a girl and a woman at the same time. Her energy was powerful and straightforward. She had no time for foolishness but made me feel very safe and supported.⠀
Six nights in a row I came back to her. Six nights we held ceremony, offered ritual and shared our truth. As I was about to leave on the sixth night she told me I was not to come back for a while. She would not be there for me. And so I left and continued my life, she would enter my mind now and again and I would wonder if I would see her again. ⠀
The sands of time passed and at one point I found myself standing next to that big rock besides her house. I dared to go in but found her house empty, just as she had told me. I lingered in her house, remembering the nights we shared together and letting the feeling of her wisdom and knowledge sink into my bones. ⠀
I continued to travel the unknown and felt happily surprised to meet her somewhere else completely. This time she had a huge smile on her face and she held me in a warm embrace. It was time, she said, to meet the others. And so I met her tribe. Or actually, the women of her tribe. Women of all sizes, shapes and ages. What struck me the most was their beauty and strength. Not because of being pretty according to the western commercial standards, but because of infinite awareness, truth and honour. Standing there in the midst of these powerful women made me feel so small and humble. I can still feel the awe I felt in that moment. I confessed my feelings to these sisters and asked them how I could ever shine the way they do. They hugged me and laughed telling me that I didn't need to worry. We are all born this way. When we feel we have lost our way we just let go of the confusion and step back into our Truth.
The other day these two beautiful humans offered me a massage. But not just a regular one, a four hands Conscious Touch massage. I was feeling quite down and out because I had a confrontation with myself. With an old pain. And I felt the need to be taken care of. But I also realised that it was me that needed to take better care of myself. All this information became a perfect union in this massage. I felt so touched by their altruistic motive and intention. I felt cared for and in the same time like I took better care of myself by saying yes to their offer and making space for it. It was an unforgettable journey full of insight, sensation and pleasure. I am grateful to have these humans in my life!
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The jungle around sorradile. We had the most beautiful forest mountain walk the other day. From Sorradile to Ardauli. It was the old route that the women from Sorradile would walk with their donkeys and the olive harvest that the men collected. They would bring their olives to Ardauli, the village that lies above Sorradile, to get them pressed. The women would wait in Ardauli until the olives were done and return home the same way with their donkeys and olive oil. Wauw, the colors these autumn days are just sensational!
#unlearn #rewild #wherethewildthingsare #Ferrer #holisticcenter #guesthouse #letloverule #bethechange #healyourself #yogaeveryday #couplegoals #lifegoals #sardinianlife #mynewworld #bookyourretreat #myyogajourney #houseforrent #roomsforrent #yogastudio
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It's not the glitzy Costa Smeralda or Stintino with its white floury sand and topaz sea, but I have a lot of love for this stretch of water by my apartment. So yesterday I stopped and stared for ten minutes as the rain did its best to soak me. I'm happy it's raining because we've been starved of rain for months. Who's doing the 🌧️☔💃with me? #sup #suplife #standuppaddle #lifeisbetteronaboard #paddleboarding #beachlife #sardinianlife #slowlife #expat #expatlife #islandlife #islandvibes #thesimplelife #thesimplethings #vitaminsea #outdoorlife #paradise #behappy #goodvibes #liveauthetic #lovelife #livelocal #neverstopexploring #chaseyourdream #sardiniantales #thehub_sassari
A big part of our life is spend on our animals. We have to walk the dogs, feed them and the cats, teach everyone how to behave in our house. We need to water the donkeys, and walk them to new feeding spots. We have to make sure none of the animals gets lice or ticks since they can be very harmful. And obviously we need to cuddle them, a lot. What better cuddles than very furry ones, with that animal smell and little wet tongues that reciprocate the love you put into their care. How happy it makes me to take the dogs on long walks through the surrounding nature, or to load them into the camper and go on an adventure to the sea. I always wanted to live amongst animals and I definitely got what I wished for!⠀
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