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Put it all away, sit quietly, and just breathe. 🖤
Something we should all take the time to do. Breathe, and love yourself a little more. It's completely free.
Model: @katyasan
Hair + Makeup: @arham1106
Crop top by: @meowzing.intimates
Hosted + Styled Workshop by Sarah Haimes of @shuttergramportraits
Sand Dunes!
Best ever outdoor adventure.
Barefoot walked on sand,not felt hot. Sand surfing first time ever °°°
In physical geography, a dune is a hill of loose sandbuilt by aeolian processes (wind) or the flow of water. Dunes occur in different shapes and sizes, formed by interaction with the flow of air or water. Most kinds of dunes are longer on the stoss (upflow) side, where the sand is pushed up the dune, and have a shorter "slip face" in the lee side. The valley or trough between dunes is called a slack. A "dune field" or erg is an area covered by extensive dunes.

Dunes occur in some deserts and along some coasts. Some coastal areas have one or more sets of dunes running parallel to the shoreline directly inland from the beach. In most cases, the dunes are important in protecting the land against potential ravages by storm waves from the sea. Although the most widely distributed dunes are those associated with coastal regions, the largest complexes of dunes are found inland in dry regions and associated with ancient lake or sea beds. Dunes can form under the action of water flow (fluvial processes), and on sand or gravel beds of rivers, estuaries and the sea-bed.

The modern word "dune" came into English from French c. 1790,which in turn came from Middle Dutch dūne.
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Finally got round to taking our old Christmas tree to Formby to be replanted on the coastline to help conserve the beaches natural sea defences 🌊🌲 #formby #formbybeach #nationaltrust #coastline #seadefence #oldchristmastree #christmastree #sandunes #conservation #irishsea #merseyside
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What a beautiful day it was out on the beach & dunes !! Thanks to all the lovely riders I got to meet today 🐴🐴 #trailriding #trail #beautifuldestinations #stockton #sandunes #birubibeach #annabay #nelsonbay #portstephens #portstephensiloveyou #beachrides #nsw #australia

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