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During this post graduation day I am just laying down in bed thinking about what I just accomplished

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I can't express enough how much I love this show! From the visuals to the animation itself , the characters , music , 😩! This season ended Jacks journey (😢) but it was worth the wait! A few flaws but overall well worth it! Go pick it up 😉, watch it on @adultswim too.
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I think on here is the only place safe to talk about this pic, but I still don't wanna take any chances. Hopefully the full pic will be posted tomorrow. #samuraijack #icecry
s55jbp6 11h ago
傑克武士一直是我心目中的經典!它的故事、美術、動作絕對是當年的創新!相信當年每個小孩都在苦等結局!原本已經接近放棄的我沒想到16年後竟然出現最終季! 我就跟攝影師說:「我們應該拍傑克武士!」 如果你也是傑克武士的粉絲你會發現我們很多的動作都跟經典橋段致敬!
Daikyo-Smooth Wonderland 迷幻烏托邦
“Gotta get back. Back. Back to the past” #overwatch #samuraijack #genji #gaming #tv #cartoon #newskin (I can’t be the only one who saw this right?)

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