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My very kind & handsome husband tolerates my incessant need for family photos. #mcm 💙💙💙 📷: @eliz_chapman
Oh to be in a kayak on the river today just as some of the #saltriverwildhorses were crossing. I jumped up and down - it was as if there was a juxtaposition of my #Alaskan roots and my new ArizonA Wild West home!
Salt River Wild Horses - this youngster tries to grab a bite of the eel grass that its mother has pulled up from the bottom of the river.

Overabundant eel grass in the river can become a problem in the summer months when it clogs the river. The wild horses of the lower Salt River in Arizona are the only species reducing the river eel grass and, in doing so, they keep the river from becoming stagnant.
These wild horses were brought into the limelight when they were slated for roundup and removal in July of 2015. The Salt River Wild Horse Management Group, an Arizona-based nonprofit organization dedicated to monitor, study and protect the Salt River wild horses, jumped into action to prevent the roundup. Through their efforts and dedication, the Salt River horses are still grazing the banks of the lower Salt River as they have for centuries....but the fight is not over and they are still in danger.
To learn more about the plight of these majestic animals and what you can do to help, please visit or follow them on Facebook.
Happy Monday! It’s a busy week- fall sessions are in full force! Message me now to schedule yours 😊
When the colors start to change, the leaves begin to fall and the river becomes steady ... gotta love fall #canon #mykentucky #kentucky #fall #color #river #saltriver #steady
Nothing like a hot chicken soup to keep you warm on a rainy day like this 🌧🍜🍞🥄😋

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