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🇺🇸 Going to #katmainationalpark was a long time dream and I was not disappointed. This place is magic. We spent a while watching this bear and he was so funny because he was just waiting for the salmon to fall in his lap, he would barely move to go pick them. This one fell too far, but he looks so hopeful on the picture.⠀⠀⠀
🇫🇷 Je rêvais d'aller à Katmai depuis un long moment et je n'ai pas été déçue. L'experience fut magique. Cet ours nous a beaucoup fait rire parce qu'il attendait que le saumon vienne à lui et ne voulait pas faire trop d'effort. Il a loupé celui la, mais il a l'air tellement plein d'espoir sur cette photo.⠀⠀⠀
Do you know what inspires ideas? Being alive. Doing things you’ve never experienced, even when it seems crazy. Throwback to when @absters made this halibut fishing trip more memorable than we could have ever predicted 😅♥️♥️ also we said “saLmon” intentionally wrong on that boat more than should ever be said. Great memories. @dahorses48 @alaska_knox
1st Music/Camping Festival w Rosa! @hillberryfestival @leftoversalmonmusic Of course she got a backstage pass & met the musicians #LeftoverSalmon #SalmonFest “Here Comes The Night” VIDEO w special guest #saxophone Andy from @railroadearth headliner and that’s leftovers Drew Emmitt slaying on electric guitar blues jam. Tone for days. #Hillberry Pet-Friendly, must be on a leash at all times in Fest. Hanging w #vinceherman Vince of LOS + my coproducer Justin @justweiss for the Honest Tunes Radio video coverage media team #dogcamping #hillberry2017 #chihuahualife #hillberrymusicfestival #chihuahualove Also good to reconnect w @greggarrisonbass and Erik Deutsch and Alwyn, the whole Salmon band. 23 yrs so far I’ve been following LOS since Drew, Vince, and Mark started touring w #ColBruceHampton in ‘94.
Good dinner: Salmon with Dijon mustard, sprouts, olive oil. Rice with saffron and eggplants 🍆 #salmon , #salmonfest , #salmondinner , #salmondish , #salmondinner🐟
Clean cup, clean cup! Move down! Move down! Move down! //🍄 #madhatter #takemeback #summertime #salmonfest

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