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User Image weightwatchers_flex Posted: Dec 17, 2017 6:31 PM (UTC)

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So it looks like I only eat salmon! Haha. I found these croquettes in #Sainsbury’s today. They’re spinach and squash and 😋. 8sp for this whole meal. Yummy! #weightwatchers #ww #wwuk #wwflex #flexeffect #smartpoints #weightlosstransformation #weightloss #weightlossjourney #balance #diet #healthyfood #healthylifestyle
User Image maria__aurora Posted: Dec 17, 2017 4:34 PM (UTC)

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So apparently #Sainsbury’s don’t stock cuddles. They do however, sell seasonal illness remedies, Jewish comfort food and overpriced fruit juice which is basically the same thing, right?! #manflu #duvettime #happychanukah #chickennoodlesoup #justlikemamausedtomake
User Image sisil_isme Posted: Dec 17, 2017 2:12 PM (UTC)
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Bagaimana kalau ingin makan daging #halal ? Biasanya kami beli di toko ini, letaknya di #conventryroad . Agak jauh dari rumah, mesti ganti bis 3x. Memang di lokasi tersebut banyak penduduk Muslim, mayoritas dari IPB (India, Pakistan, Bangladesh).
Dulu saat awal2, belanja nya sering sekalian banyak karena lokasinya jauh. Tapi belakangan, jadi juarang banget belanja ke sini, karena kulkas rumah sewa kami mulai ngambek dan kami sudah menemukan daging ayam halal di #sainsbury (convenience store semacam aldi tapi lebih bagus). Lokasi lebih dekat dari rumah dan bisa beli online juga. Kalau daging selain ayam gimana? Jarang banget beli! Hahaha.. Salah satu alasannya karena mas suami tidak makan daging merah, jadi penghuni rumah ikutan bersimpati lah, hihii..
#duniasisil #duniasisiluk #livinginuk #birmingham #unitedkingdom
User Image jwhittle102 Posted: Dec 16, 2017 7:55 PM (UTC)

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As I write and post this I am VERY aware that I might lose followers for my blatant childishness, that I will not get as many likes for my comedic nay phallic-squash-in-a-festive-setting as anything which has a Star Wars droid or black hooded creature in since I have discovered that that film makes people go ‘like’ mad. I also know that you might be now over my well long descriptions which is well fair enough and that deletion of me is now the only option as your life simply is not long enough BUT....if you are still here, the reason for this post: I have liked THAT many photos of people’s beautiful Yuletide trees in lounges and have also adored fabulous know who you are @abbiemills23...but having just been in to Sainsbury’s this squash caught my eye. I know. I know. I am a mother and everything. I know. Childish and ridic. However, the photo shoot has made my day, made me ignore everything else of which I should be doing (which is pretty much everything) and I am now sharing the Yuletide Squash Shoot with you all. The squash was not harmed in this shoot but is now bubbling around in the Jamie Oliver’s Thai Red Chicken Soup! Swipe on and do enjoy!! #sainsbury #jamieoliver #iammorethanawarethatiamarightsaddofindingnoveltyshapedvegetablesashilariousasidoyesiknow #comedyveg #feelsorryformychildren #jingleballsimeanjinglebellsalltheway #thairedchickensoup #jamieoliver5ingredients #notthathappywiththebackgroundsbutihadtoletthemgo
User Image kate_insomniac Posted: Dec 16, 2017 11:26 AM (UTC)

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Bought this by mistake in @sainsburys thinking it was a nice vegan cold brew coffee as it was next to that section. Apparently me and @rea2793 can’t read. Made an iced hazelnut latte from it anyway. Perfect way to start off my vegan weekends! 👌🏻 x
User Image usdawunion Posted: Dec 15, 2017 1:14 PM (UTC)

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