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soooooo anyone else awake? It’s late for this tired mama, but the wheels keep spinning. Plus, Pinterest is addictive as you know 😜 okay so, she this gorgeous shadow?! It’s my all time favorite. I wear it almost every day on my cheeks and often on my eyes mixed with a pink tone to make rose gold 😍 So I’m thinking 🤔🤔🤔 wouldn’t it be amazing on my lips too?! What do you think? Shall I try it tomorrow? Okay! P.S. I should tell you that ShadowSense like our famous LipSense is basically magic. It’s long lasting, buildable, water proof, and comes in tons and tons of gorgeous shades. Plus the tube will last ages since a little goes a longggggg way!
I've written so many "thank you" cards, my hand is numb, printed so many nutrition guides IN COLOR, my bank account is hating me (not doing that again 😨 black & white for everyone! 🎉😅), and I can't wait to send out my second shipment of these bad boys for y'all to experience the magic 🦄✨📬
I only have TWO, 10 day trial packs left. First come first serve! Don't know when I'll be getting more 🤷🏻‍♀️ Scoop um up while ya can! 🤸🏻‍♀️
Late night movie night with my Bubs and I get to still help my new Loyal Customer with their health and wellness 🤘💚😎
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Because sometimes it's fun to be blonde! ⭐️ This look is so easily accomplished with a little bit of Monat's #rejuveniqeoil. I use the oil as a makeup primer for longer lasting wear. Monat products also work to revive wigs and hair extensions! Finishing the look off with a beautiful #nude lip 💋
#sweatyselfie for the day and man I didn’t want to post it. Holy breakouts Batman!! Oh well, it is what it is and it should clear up soon. Thank god I know my way around a makeup brush for my gigs I have coming up this weekend. I know a bit of this flare up is due to diet and I am getting back on track slowly but surely. We all have those times where temptation is all around and you can’t help yourself. While I have maintained my weight I know I can do better and I will do better. Just know that when you have these times to not beat yourself up but sit back and evaluate. There could be some underlying issue emotionally or even physical holding you back that can be easily resolved. #loveyourself #takecareofyou #weightlossjourney #sahm #mommylife #pushingthrough #beachbody #beachbodyondemand #healthychoices #newme
That time we made prints in the sand and put our toes in the ocean. #beachdays
Greenhouse construction project was so much fun. One down and one more to go! We've got a hungry bunch of squirrels, groundhogs, turtkes, deer, frogs, birds, lizards, and slugs in our backyard. So, indoor propogation system to germinate the seeds is the plan. Let's see how this all works out. .
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Time to get “unstuck.”
Time to move, think outside the box.
Time to have fun & enjoy life.
Time to fight the fear.
Time to get rid of all the BS reasons you think you don’t deserve this.
It’s time.
I’m going to make money and be debt free, I 'm going to travel, I'm going to be a million dollar earner, are you coming with me or not?
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Here are some fun Lipsense colors. Zoom in and see what catches your eye! Have you ever wanted to try lipsense? Pick out your dream color now and send me a message with your order! 💋
It's that simple. You have always wanted to try it! Let me be your lip girl 💋💋
I wanted to say Thank You for not Blocking me and Deleting me. Thank you for watching all my Plexus Posts and amazing testimonials. Some might still not know what Plexus is, some of you might have tried it, some of you are just supporters, a huge number of you are my customers and LOVING it and over 12,000 of you are on my Plexus team. I thank the lord everyday for bringing me Plexus and the amazing team I have. I have been able to reconnect with friends I have not talked to in over 10 years, have my family right by me in this and I get to work this amazing business with my best friends. The best part is..I LOVE THE PRODUCTS! The success stories I hear everyday make me cry joyful tears. Personally, I am down to the smallest clothes size I have been in years, have great sustained energy and less cravings and my anxiety and stress is nearly gone. I deal with situations so much better and calmer. Family members have lost 25lbs, a male friend is down 30 lbs, A team member is off anxiety and blood pressure medication, a lady I know has a baby and calls her "Plexus baby" due to regulating her cycles and leveling her glucose, my sister quit her RN career so she can stay at home with my wonderful niece Winter, my Fiance is now a work at home dad, I have been able to pay off all my debt, grow so much personally and step back from my nursing career to raise Easton full time. The stories are endless! I wish this success and health to each and every one of you. I have learned in the past and always say, "giving is so much more then getting." I find so much joy helping others! This is my gift to you! In HONOR of this company giving me 5x of RN salary in Bonuses for October...If you sign up for this journey in October, I have a Huge Special for you! DM me ❤️🙌 I can't wait to hear your testimony!!
What are you doing this fine Friday night? I'm already in bed because I am a lame old person. Look, I even removed all of my makeup like a responsible adult.
Bed is my favorite place. Where's yours?
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