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Rainy day doesnt stop this beast because it has a traction control!!
#R1 #Rweezy
will be available at @ak_motorcycles
Dear Becca, Happy 13th birthday! It's a little crazy that you're an actual teenager now... but I guess it's cool ;) Thanks for letting me annoy you as well as being there for me when I'm going through tough stuff...(Also being just as ecstatic as I am about twenty one pilots and NF is a plus). Hope your teenage years are filled with great memories, but don't rush too much! Keep it cool, R Weezy ;) Love ya🎂😘 #becca #rweezy #hbd
Missin my man @crocoriles. Your face in this photo is amazing 😄. Hope we can hang sometime soon.
svc707 1y ago
Taking out the #R1 #rweezy tomorrow gotta give it a little safety inspection first