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Some people say you can’t count on motivation - that it’s fleeting & you must rely on discipline. Sometimes I agree, but I think the overriding thing here is passion. If you have within you a genuine FIRE for what you’re doing with your life, that fire will light your way through the ups & downs.

I had a tough end to last week. Three days in a row I missed out on the Top 5 females in the @bodybuildingcom Spokesmodel Contest; I was forced to choose between 2 sponsors that I love equally because 1 company has evolved to compete with the other (this is also a financial stress as a professional athlete); My Range Rover which I’ve spent a lot of money on only months ago broke down & I spent 8 hours making a 2 hour trip to Palm Springs. It felt like it was one thing after another & I could have buckled under all of that but you can’t control everything in life - you have to learn to be bigger & braver than your circumstances.
I came home from @ferrignolegacy feeling motivated as hell. I spent the weekend surrounded by old & new incredibly inspiring people who just reminded me how much I love what I do & what’s most important in life.
This girl motivates the hell out of me. These photos were just a few days before the 2017 @mrolympiallc. After a weekend submerged in the industry I love my fire is burning brighter than ever to beat this girl.
Maybe it’s motivation. Maybe it’s passion. Maybe it’s dedication. Maybe it’s that I’m the most stubborn person I know, maybe it’s my psychopathic work ethic. Does it really matter?
Ever since I found my “thing” my heart has led me. I love this journey, I love the lifestyle, I love the people I share this passion with, I love being part of something that’s bigger than me.
I love more than anything that just by working with all my heart toward my dreams I can give others hope & motivation.
Whether intentionally or not, so many of YOU lifted me last week & reminded me why I fight so hard.
We rise by lifting others. 💎

User Image life_with_a_chinesecrested Posted: Nov 20, 2017 11:25 PM (UTC)
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I'm having trouble following the no getting into bed rule... Shhhh don't tell Dad. ❌🛏️😋
#rebel #rulebreaker #byemum #havefunatwork #spoiltrotten #kingsizeforareason
User Image east_of_suburbia Posted: Nov 20, 2017 8:15 PM (UTC)
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May have ignored the rules a wee bit and snapped a shot of Bob Dylan when I saw him in concert! Photos were NOT ALLOWED, but I had to sneak in one, because IT’S BOB FREAKING DYLAN, ONE OF MY BUCKET LIST ARTISTS!!!! Sorry Bob, please don’t hate me! I did dance a lot during your higher tempo songs, if that makes up for it 💜 #bobdylan #rebel #rulebreaker #localartist #thecurrent #minnesotan #bucketlist #toocool #shhh #mylife #concertjunkie #classicrock #icon #yaaas #thebest #fangirl #cool #folk
User Image east_of_suburbia Posted: Nov 20, 2017 8:11 PM (UTC)
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MAVIS STAPLES AT THE BOB DYLAN CONCERT!!!! May have ignored the rules and secretly snapped some photos anyway because this was WAY too important to not have documentation of! #love #mavisstaples #icon #thebest #opener #concert #music #fangirl #queen #yaaas #musician #talented #classic #bobdylan #rebel #rulebreaker #shhh #monumental #bucketlist #bigvenue #stage

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