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User Image erniebondatrack Posted: Dec 10, 2017 12:13 AM (UTC)

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Shoutout Jumbo Muffs @s.s.wasson for makin an appearance in Gunni this week! Here’s a photo from last spring of us downclimbing to the S-couloir like a bunch of kooks. #gramit40boys #typicalhunk #rubyrange #hardernotsmarter
User Image rubyrangeadventureyukon Posted: Dec 7, 2017 9:26 AM (UTC)

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If what you seek is exposure to the local cultures of the communities spread throughout the North, we provide guided hotel tours on historic highways, through national parks and into 100-year-old communities that have been bustling since the Goldrush. Our vans and buses are spacious, comfortable and well-maintained ensuring a safe, effortless ride with unobstructed views of the spectacular landscape.
#rubyrange #wilderness #whitehorse #yukon #wildlife #TravelYukon #alaska#thegoldencircle #goldrush
User Image rubyrangeadventureyukon Posted: Dec 4, 2017 7:39 AM (UTC)

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Explore Remote Valleys: Trekking Tombstone Park
#Tombstone_Territorial_Park is a place where you can truly lose yourself in #nature. The park is over 2,200 square kilometres and borders some of the widest spans of roadless, untouched wilderness on the continent. #Hikers and #photographers are attracted by tundra landscapes, vibrant arctic flowers and dwarf willows, and the towering black peaks. Wildlife viewers are rewarded by the diversity of species including bears, sheep, caribou, and an extraordinary variety of birds.
#rubyrange #wilderness #whitehorse #yukon #wildlife #TravelYukon #alaska
User Image rubyrangeadventureyukon Posted: Dec 1, 2017 7:46 AM (UTC)

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The gold rush is an important event in the history of the city of #Edmonton, which, until 2005, celebrated Klondike Days, an annual summer fair with a #Klondike gold rush theme. During the rush, Edmonton was believed to be a viable departure point for travel to the Klondike and was heavily advertised as such by local merchants wanting to profit from people’s ignorance, but only a handful made it from that embarkation point long after the rush was over, because of the immense distance and subarctic travel conditions.
#rubyrange #wilderness #whitehorse #yukon #wildlife #TravelYukon #alaska #thegoldencircle #goldrush
User Image rubyrangeadventureyukon Posted: Nov 28, 2017 10:28 AM (UTC)

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Family Canoeing: Nisutlin River
The #Nisutlin_River is a beautiful wilderness river nestled among scenic mountains, ideally suited as a first time paddling experience for a family with children. This 130km stretch of the river flows through low #wetlands and has a gentle current with no technical difficulties, making it an excellent choice for young or new paddlers. Yet it’s still a wild river, with #bear, #moose, and prolific migratory bird populations to see and enjoy. The tour ends at Nisutlin Bay on #Teslin_Lake, near the village of Teslin
#rubyrange #wilderness #whitehorse #yukon #wildlife #TravelYukon#families #familycanoeing
User Image rubyrangeadventureyukon Posted: Nov 23, 2017 7:42 AM (UTC)

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Discover the most spectacular highlights of #Western_Canada and the #Rocky_Mountains as we move north toward the last frontier. Starting in #Vancouver, we’ll make a grand loop through Canada’s original and iconic mountain parks, across the vast interior of British Columbia, and then up the steep and lush coastal fjords of the Inside Passage to #Skagway: gateway of the great #Klondike gold rush, and for decades, gateway to the interior of Yukon and #Alaska. We’ll go as far as the Yukon’s capital city of Whitehorse
**available from Vancouver and Whitehorse**
#rubyrange #wilderness #whitehorse #yukon #wildlife #TravelYukon
User Image rubyrangeadventureyukon Posted: Nov 20, 2017 9:25 AM (UTC)

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With over thirty years experience providing outstanding wilderness experiences, Ruby Range Adventure is a northern leader. Based in Whitehorse and #Anchorage, we offer a wide variety of canoeing, trekking, fishing, camping, and sightseeing tours across Yukon, Alaska, British Columbia, and the Canadian Rockies. Our expert guides and helpful staff are fluent in English, French, and German.
#rubyrange #wilderness #whitehorse #yukon #wildlife #TravelYukon #alaska#thegoldencircle
User Image rubyrangeadventureyukon Posted: Nov 17, 2017 9:31 AM (UTC)

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The Klondiker: Paddling the Big Salmon River
15 days guided #canoe tour
For the beginning paddler, #The Big_Salmon is a magic combination: a truly wild and scenic #Yukon_river that is accessible to beginners. The Big Salmon is reachable by gravel road, which avoids an expensive charter flight, but it’s also remote, seeing only a handful of paddlers each year
#rubyrange #wilderness #whitehorse #yukon #wildlife #TravelYukon
User Image rubyrangeadventureyukon Posted: Nov 14, 2017 7:48 AM (UTC)

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The #Chilkoot_River is a river in Southeast #Alaska, United States. The source of the river is in the #Takshanuk_Mountains to the west and the #Freebee glacier and unnamed mountains to the east.
Attracting thousands of visitors each year, it is one of the most heavily visited #bear_watching destinations in Alaska due to the easy access via the Alaska Highway and the Alaska Marine Highway System.
Sometime in July brown bears show up at the Chilkoot River, which is a mile-long stretch of water connecting #Chilkoot_Lake to the #saltwater_fjords. Juvenile brown bears and brown bear mothers with cubs feed along the river. They can be seen during the day, but are more common in the evening. You can spot between one and five bears along this stretch of river, which is filled with pink and sockeye salmon between July and early September.
#rubyrange #wilderness #whitehorse #yukon #wildlife #TravelYukon
User Image rubyrangeadventureyukon Posted: Nov 9, 2017 6:56 AM (UTC)

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Our Yukon and Alaska Explorer tour gives you a sampling of all the best hikes throughout #Alaska and #Yukon_Territory in an incredible two-week road trip. Our itinerary puts you on foot in the middle of it all, featuring visits to #Denali_National_Park, the Coast Mountains, the far northern tundra, and the best of the coastal fjords in the company of an experienced guide and a small group.
**available from Whitehorse and Anchorage**
#rubyrange #wilderness #whitehorse #yukon #wildlife #TravelYukon
User Image nativeminnow Posted: Nov 6, 2017 2:55 AM (UTC)

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Get thee unto the mountain
User Image rubyrangeadventureyukon Posted: Nov 3, 2017 7:41 AM (UTC)

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The Gold Rush Tour combines one of our favourite wilderness canoe trips with some of our favourite road-based adventures for a complete northern experience. You’ll begin with eight days traveling by canoe down the #Teslin and Yukon rivers, is an ideal trip for first-time paddlers to experience two of Yukon’s great, wild rivers. In the village of #Carmacks, we’ll trade our canoes for a van and head up the highway for another ten days packed with highlights, including hiking in high subarctic mountains, whitewater rafting on a world-class river, panning for gold, and living it up in the preserved gold rush towns of #Dawson_City and #Skagway.
#rubyrange #wilderness #whitehorse #yukon #wildlife #TravelYukon
User Image rubyrangeadventureyukon Posted: Oct 31, 2017 7:44 AM (UTC)

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Klondike/Kluane Loop
The lust for gold sent the word ‘Klondike’ around the world in 1898 and the Klondike still lures people today. And why not?
It’s a fantastic place to visit. This wonderful 1435 kilometer drive combines three highways: the #Klondike, the Top of the World, and the #Alaska.
#rubyrange #wilderness #whitehorse #yukon #wildlife #TravelYukon
User Image rubyrangeadventureyukon Posted: Oct 26, 2017 6:13 AM (UTC)

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The Beaver River is a hidden gem in the Yukon’s remote northeastern corner. It is a true wilderness river: a place of deep quiet, clear water, abundant #fish and wildlife, and views of the rugged #Nadaleen_Range. This tour is a genuine #canoe expedition, requiring a variety of canoe techniques that will keep things interesting — yet nowhere does the river demand advanced #whitewater skills, making it perfect for adventurous beginners or intermediate paddlers. We’ll navigate a chain of lakes and #narrow_creeks, negotiate fast water and tight bends, portage short distances, float wide sections of easy river, and even have the chance to run a few short rapids. A relatively short float plane charter from the village of Mayo keeps costs low
For further details about this tour visit
#rubyrange #wilderness #whitehorse #yukon #wildlife #TravelYukon
User Image rubyrangeadventureyukon Posted: Oct 23, 2017 6:44 AM (UTC)

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Drive anywhere in the Yukon and you’ll find a whole new experience, unlike any you have had before. Some of our open roads are truly special. 
The Golden Circle
This 600 kilometer circle from Whitehorse through the historic port of Skagway, Alaska, a ferry ride to scenic Haines, Alaska, and over the spectacular mountain pass to Haines Junction, Yukon and return to Whitehorse is all about diversity.
There aren’t many highways that will take you through so much geographic diversity in so little time. But the Golden Circle does it. You feel like you’re actually riding through an experience. Even the locals never get tired of it
#rubyrange #wilderness #whitehorse #yukon #wildlife #TravelYukon #alaska #thegoldencircle
User Image rubyrangeadventureyukon Posted: Oct 20, 2017 12:02 PM (UTC)

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Alaska & Yukon Highlights – A Complete Northern Experience
For full Northern experience, this trip can’t be beat. It’s an extraordinary three-week road trip through the vast and varied landscapes of Yukon and Alaska, from the #Pacific_Coast up to the #arctic_tundra and back again.
We’ll travel remote highways far from any cities and enjoy campfires fine wilderness cooking in the middle of stunning natural preserves, and kick it up in gold rush towns where the frontier spirit lives on.
Plunge into all the magic and mystery of the land of the midnight sun.
#rubyrange #wilderness #whitehorse #yukon #wildlife #TravelYukon #alaska
To see the Itinerary & to book visit our website:
User Image soundepiphany Posted: Oct 18, 2017 9:48 PM (UTC)
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A suprised black bear on the banks of Yukon River, August 2017, between Big Salmon River and Carmacks.
We were in our canoes, just floating and most of us sleeping, drifting aimlessly towards the shore, until we were less than 5m away from the bear.
Confused, because he probably never saw a human before, he slowly turned around, raised his paw in befuddlement and climbed back into the forest.
Thanks to our group member and Journalist Phillippe for taking the risk to get this amazing close-up photo!

#bear #blackbear #yukon #river #animals #nofilter #nozoom #wildlife #Canada #Kanada #Schwarzbär #Bär #travel #travelgram #canoe #bigsalmonriver #wilderness #rubyrange #adventure #throwback #tb