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“Reading in the Moonlight” is inspired by a beautiful photo I saw this morning on Pinterest of @taylergolden reading to her baby (back in 2014) and instantly I knew I wanted to draw them.... I thought it would be pretty to wrap her in a vine “getting lost in the story” and add some flowers, which happened to look like Moonflowers (those amazing flowers that only bloom at night or when it’s cloudy!) so then I thought, what if flowers only bloomed when we read? 🤔 We’d experience not only a beautiful fragrance and sight but we would be learning as well - 100% win win! 🤗
Quick sketch depicting grief... Yesterday I took a class offered by DHS (Dept. of Human Resources) called “Love and Letting Go” it was soo good. Not a dry eye in the room. Jesse and I are halfway through the process to becoming foster parents, got certified and now we’re waiting on our homestudy. I wanted to take this class about grief to prepare me for when we do have to say goodbye to a kiddo/s - there was a couple in their early 50’s in the class who would be saying goodbye this Sunday to a 9 year old girl whose been in their care for 15 months. The birth mother has been working hard on getting herself clean and this weekend she’ll experience reunification. Seeing this couple cry over what’s about to happen here soon just broke my heart. However, at the same time happy tears for the mom whose gotten her life back on track and getting her girl back. I remember the instructor saying yesterday that you can never be prepared for grief. “When we get a puppy we almost always know that we will outlive that dog, and we expect it to happen but when it does happen, you’re still never ready.” 😔 I was also thinking about those I know who’ve lost a loved one way too early in life.. one minute they’re here and then their spirit is gone. I’ve been wondering about how can Jesse and I manage the grief that does come with foster care, and thought maybe keeping a thorough journal with pictures and sweet notes/stories about the child. Making a copy for their birth parent and one for us? It is my hope that we will be able to be in these kids lives after they leave our house... selfishly to ease my pain, but also to be some sort of support to the child and parent. :/ I hope your day is off to a peaceful start. Hug and kiss your loved ones guys. 💓✨
So typisch für mich - meine Jeans hängen bereits in Fetzen #rockon aber hier habe ich beim Shoppen mal -tschuldigung! - wahrhaftig die Sau rausgelassen! 🤤Bisher hatte ich eine richtig gute Bridgekamera, die ich natürlich auch noch weiterhin benutzen werde!
Auf einer Hochzeit wurde ich dann von einer Hochzeitsfotografin mit dem Thema Spiegelreflexkamera angefixt. Und nun bin ich stolze Besitzerin - auch weil ich in naher Zukunft einiges anpacken will, ändern will, neue Wege gehen möchte. Und da gehört eine gute Ausrüstung dazu! (Objektive shoppen ist ja besonders fies! Es gibt so viele tolle aber ...💸💸💸) Aber nun lerne ich das tolle Gerät erst am kennen (mal sehen wie viele Bilder ich noch königlich verbocke, bevor was Brauchbares rumkommt! 🤓) So aber nun muss ich noch mit Raphi weiter zum Sport - vielleicht heute mal draußen bei DEM Wetter!
(edit: Achso, ja...*räusper* ich denke das ist WERBUNG: Cam, Objektive und Tasche über Amazon, Indianerschmuck und Bärendecke sind "secondhand", Kaffee...öh...aus meiner Maschine! Bohnen? Aus Guatemala glaube ich! 😏) #shopping #spiegelreflexkamera #canon700d #festbrennweite #coffee #roxymarj #jackwolfskin #photograph #gönndir #rockmom #blackandwhite #photography #canon #indian #newplans #newways #objektiv #photokit #takepictures #photographylovers #passion #momlife #lifewithkids #lebenmitkindern #autumn #october
“The Patient Knitter” w/ skeewompis hands 🤦‍♀️😅
Filling custom orders, little hand painted fall foliage illustrations as thank yous to my customers. Appreciate you all so much. ✨😔🙏✨ #roxymarj #ooak #autumn #heirloomquality
When your bestie loves decor as much as you.... 🙌🙌🙌❤️ This room belongs to my best friend's daughter, Capri. I love every single inch 😍 She's shared all the details of the room with me so tap the photo for sources! ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨ #kidsroom #girlsroom #decor #interiordesign #homedecor #diy #shiplap #interiordecorator #ighome #inspiration #homeinspo #instagood #home #homesweethome #landofnod #potterybarn #roxymarj #anthropologie #ikea #target
A black and white flamboyant mood today! ✨ #roxymarj
“Orphaned Bits” rug no. 52 /// song: Benjamin Clementine “Jupiter” ❤️!! Love this song so much 😔🙏 #roxymarj #roxymarjrugs #folkart #wip #autumn #foliage
I’ve had many requests for custom pennants and they are again in my shop, ALONG with custom stockings! 😍 Because these items take time to make, and if you’re wanting them for Christmas/Hanukkah please note that the first week in Nov. is when I will take the listing down so they arrive in a timely manner. Expect for your pennant to ship 1 week after purchase, free shipping in the states. 🙌💕✨ #roxymarj #customdesign #kidsdecor #keepsake
Rug no. 104 “Shape Shifter”
#roxymarj #roxymarjrugs /// song: Francis and the Lights “Etc.”
“The Man with Stars in His Eyes” - a little peak into how I come up with an illustration pose (?) - I use this method about 50% of the time. :) *if you hate smooth jazz best to have the volume turned off. ;-p #roxymarj
Being brave and venturing into the unknown isn’t easy, so a little push from a friend is always welcomed! *I struggled painting the lantern/candle and wind in this illustration - but I do love her hair, cloak, boots and mittens! 😍👍 #roxymarj
An oldie but a goodie. This quote is one of my favorites but I think it’s often misconstrued. For me, it means quality time OVERRULES quantity of time. And quality doesn’t mean fancy... it just means being present and engaged. I thoroughly enjoy the fall and winter seasons because you’re inside more, in each other’s space, either cooped up or cozied up... if you ask me, cozied is way more fun and memorable! 🤗✨✨✨ #roxymarj #cozy #simplehome #familytime




嬉しいな♫( ´艸`)


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Still in bed at the moment and a tiny bit afraid to see my tired face in the mirror when I walk down the stairs. 😳 #teamnosleep