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User Image davithaskincare Posted: Mar 19, 2018 10:29 AM (UTC)

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Mawar... Ragamu cantik.
Ketika kamu diolah pun semua jadi makin mewah
Maasyaa Allah... Pict :
~Body Oil
~~Rose Hydrosol
~~~Rose Honey Body Soap

Semuanya natural dan terdapat manfaat dari bunga mawar yakni antibakterial, anti inflamasi , antioksidan, melembabkan, anti aging, aromanya bikin rileks.

Segera dicobaa yaaa ^^ #naturalskincare#rosehydrosol#agedefying
User Image primajolie Posted: Mar 18, 2018 6:11 PM (UTC)

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User Image ovelly_naturals Posted: Mar 17, 2018 6:48 PM (UTC)
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CLARIFYING FACE TONER *We have here our herbal packed face toner. Ingredients range from witch hazel to rose water to mulberry extract, chamomile extract, AHA, carrot seed essential oil... *It is formulated to deeply penetrate, nourish and repair facial skin . It sure will serve as a very valuable addition to your regimen. *Need this customized to suit a particular need? *Let's talk about it. *Do contact us for more enquiries and to place your orders.

User Image moqiskincare Posted: Mar 17, 2018 12:31 AM (UTC)

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√ paraben free
√ Halalan thoyiban
√ mercury free
√ fragrance free
√ hydroquinon free
√ alcohol free
√ AHA & glycolic acid free
√ artificial colour free

Rose water.. kaya akan antioksidan. Merupakan steam distilasi bunga mawar yang banyak bermanfaat bagi kulit. Membantu mengobati peradangan jerawat, menjaga kelenturan dan kelembaban kulit, perawatan anti aging yang dapat dipakai untuk semua jenis kulit. Aroma bunga mawar yang menenangkan dapat dipakai sebagai campuran masker, face mist atau toner wajah.

#rosewater #facemist #rosehydrosol #facetoner #tonerwajahalami #tonerwajah #manfaatrosewater #jualtonerwajah #naturalproduct #naturalcare #skincare #perawatankulitalami
User Image verteessentials Posted: Mar 15, 2018 9:59 PM (UTC)

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Refreshing rosey radiance! 🌹🌹 our uplifting Rose Mist, made with mineral-rich spring water, cannabis sativa, rose petal extract & an essential oil blend • hydrates & protects your natural glow ✨ #radiantskin
Preparing to attempt my first distillation to make a Rose Hydrosol! So excited! So nervous! These roses are precious and so perfect, I hope to do them justice! 🙌🏼🌹🙌🏼 If you’re interesting in making your own healthy skincare I highly recommend @mountainroseherbs for quality ingredients and stellar customer service!
Skin benefits of roses:
🌹Hydrates & tones 🌹Balances skin’s PH 🌹Soothes sensitive skin
🌹Calms acne, eczema and inflammation.
🌹Nourishes mature skin
🌹Smooths fine lines
🌹Boosts mood and promotes a sense of calm
#flowerpower #rosehydrosol #skincare #nontoxicskincare #greenbeauty #mossandstoneorganics #mossandstone #mountainroseherbs
User Image sola.skincare Posted: Mar 15, 2018 6:04 PM (UTC)

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Thanks for the share and love @rachels_nd 💕🙌🏼, now go enjoy your trip in the ☀️☀️☀️
#balancingfaceoil #rosehydrosol #faceoil #solaskincare #naturalskincare
User Image organica_jane Posted: Mar 15, 2018 1:11 PM (UTC)

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User Image naturesheart.soulgarden Posted: Mar 14, 2018 4:12 PM (UTC)

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I’m delighted to be offering Artisanal Rose Hydrosol at @rootsnaturalorganicfoods in Maple Ridge! This divine product is imported directly from the grower in Turkey, where the roses are grown, picked, and distilled in the old way, preserving the high vibrational healing energy of the roses! #rose #aromatherapy #shoplocal #entrepreneur #rosehydrosol #plantmedicine #natureheals #selfcare
You'll want to keep this rose hydrosol handy in your carry-on the next time you travel. There are many factors that can alter your skin's pH in flight and while traveling, resulting in a compromised protective skin barrier. In turn, your skin will be more prone to breakouts. Some of these factors include a change in air pressure, the dry air inside the airplane, as well as the water quality across different countries.
Rose hydrosol helps maintain your skin's pH while delivering moisture and anti-inflammatory benefits. The one by @divineessence_aromatherapy is my favourite! Stay tuned for my FB LIVE today, where I will be sharing other tips and tricks on how to keep your skin looking and feeling healthy while traveling!
#skintips #traveltips #travellingwithacne #preventblemishes #acne #rosehydrosol #rosewater #rosewatertoner #stayhydrated #protectivebarrier #skinbarrier #skinph #antiinflammatory
User Image inatur.herbals Posted: Mar 12, 2018 5:22 PM (UTC)

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#Repost @my_beauty_dreamz
Gd afternoon beautiful people out there,
First I want to wish all the lovely ladies on my page "HAPPY WOMEN'S DAY"
So guys now all you know Summer season is knocking our door. & In the south region its already feeling like mid summer. & In the hot humidity we just one thing "REFRESHMENT" We not only have to keep refresh our body by cunsuming lots of water & fruit juice we also have to keep refresh our skin. & What could be better then "ROSE WATER" " INATUR Rose Hydrosol Floral Water" @inatur.herbals
For detail review plz visit on my blog, link is on my bio.
You can visit there web page @
#rosewater #rosehydrosol #mybeautydreamz #pikreview_official #pikreview #testnreview #ikinaki  #inaturbloggerforum #naturalskincare #ayurveda #iloveinatur  #inaturmumbai #herbalskincare #inaturayurveda
User Image wildfolklore Posted: Mar 12, 2018 3:54 AM (UTC)

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in the last post I mentioned my everyday routine. here are my constants: every morning I spray Rose Hydrate mist on my freshly cleansed face and neck. while my skin is still dewy, I massage 4 drops of Desert Rose facial serum into my cheeks, along my temples and forehead. then I anoint myself with Spirit Celestial Oil, and deeply inhale the intoxicating scents. since I don’t wear much makeup, I brush on a little powder and lastly, apply Rose Peppermint lip balm, take a deep breath and be on my way. #mywildfolk 🌿 want to share how you use your Wild Folk products? tag your post with #mywildfolk for a chance to win some free goodies!
User Image wildfolklore Posted: Mar 12, 2018 1:59 AM (UTC)

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someone asked recently which product I’d created was my favorite and though I’ve made quite a few things that I really love and use every day, the Rose Hydrate mist is by far the one I adore the most. it’s what started me on this venture. it’s dear to me and what gets me through various facets of my day. it’s like a deep breath. an instant pick me up. a big hug. a familiar friend. quite simply - it makes me happy AND works magic on my skin. it’s toning and nourishing to my skin and part of my everyday routine. in addition to their mood lifting properties, the natural oils from rose petals are high in anti oxidants and excellent for reducing redness and inflammation. combined with the fresh scent of geranium and peppermint, Rose Hydrate is a dream. a touch of happiness, creating soft and glowing skin.
User Image lolas_alchemy Posted: Mar 11, 2018 6:31 PM (UTC)

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These jewels are off to Germany! This wonderful guy introduced me to coca leaf essential oil, et voila! Now it's in the newest toothpaste. He liked it so much he ate some of it, haha. Luckily that's ok, no harmful substances in there, but don't eat spoons full! #lolasalchemy #travel #goodies #remineralizingtoothpaste #ormus #rosehydrosol #damiana
User Image svaninc007 Posted: Mar 11, 2018 10:06 AM (UTC)

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❤️❤️❤️ thank you soo much @waves_n_whims for such an amazing review @get_repost
💗@svaninc007 Thanku so much for these wonderful unique products The Blue Mafia shower gel, Cafe Mocha scrub and the Mirror Mirror on the Wall serum. 😍😍😍
💗First of all let me tell you guys I can't just stop using these products. I'm totally impressed and have fallen in love with these. . .
💗I have always searched for a moisturizing body wash as my skin is too dry and this is it!!!! This does its job well by gently cleansing my skin without drying it out. The fragrance is just wow!!. It has a musky fragrance which lasts even after the bath for some time. I love it!! . .
💗The Cafe Mocha scrub is the highlight! It is a blend of coffee, cocoa, vanilla stem, walnut, oats, sugar, honey, coconut oil, almond oil and vitamin E. And that's Delicious!!😋.. It exfoliates my skin well by leaving it baby soft, clean and glowing. I use it on my body, face and lips. My skin feels fresh and radiant after the scrub. It smells like coffee?? chocolate?? complan?? Well I smell like a chocolate cake after using it😂😂. I would say this is the perfect coffee scrub in all ways.
💗The Mirror serum is used for imparting glow to the face. I have used it twice daily for 3 days and I'm surprised to see the results!!. My skin is glowing a bit and is softer. I'm planning to use it continuously for more results. The main ingredients are rose hydrosol, lavender oil and rosehip seed oil along with jojoba oil and almond oil and it smells like roses😍. It has a watery texture and is absorbed easily into the skin without making the skin oily. I don't feel like there is anything on my face. .
💗I'm completely satisfied with all their products and will definitely repurchase it. All their products are handmade with no added chemicals. .
#instagram #instabeauty #instahealthy #instanatural #instablogs #instablogger #trending #beauty #instanatural #makeup #handmade #handmadescrub #cocoascrub #sugarscrub #coffeescrub #scrub #chemicalfree #crueltyfree #rosehydrosol #lavenderserum #rosehydrosolserum #bluemafia #naturalproducts #handmadeproducts #makeupmafia #lifestylebl
User Image biogenicstimulants Posted: Mar 11, 2018 3:41 AM (UTC)
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BioRose flower water (Rosa damascena) 500 ml (16.9 fl oz) with outer box
#rosehydrosol #rosewater #skincare #haircare #biorose #rosadamascena
Ultimate #cosmetic item for skin and hair care with maximum effectiveness.
Natural hydro distilled rose water by Bulgarian #OrganiRose Plc special technology from its own gardens and distillery. Ultimate quality and 100% purity guaranteed. No preservatives added. Shelf life is 18 months. INCI ingredients: #Rosa #Damsacena flower water, Citronellol, Geraniol as naturally occurring.
#aromatherapy #aromatherapyoil #aromatherapymassage #aromatherapyoils #aromatherapydiffuser #aromatherapyproducts aromatherapyskincare #aromatherapymoments #aromatherapylovers #aromatherapyblends #aromatherapybath #aromatherapyworks #rosewater #rosewaterspray #rosewatertoner #beautyrosewater #naturalrosewater #rosewatermist #rosewatercolor #rosewaterfacemist #rosewatercake #rosewatergrp #rosewaterlemonade #rosewatershop #rosewatersoothinggel #rosewatertoningspritz #rosewaterroom

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