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User Image lanaetricot Posted: Nov 23, 2017 7:20 AM (UTC)
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Vous recherchez des modèles avec la Beiroa de @rosapomar ? Voici deux idées de patrons : le premier c'est le Volo de @tete_beche et le deuxième c'est un patron de bonnet gratuit de @soulemama. Mais regardez dans les projets finis de la Beiroa sur Ravelry, il y a de vraies merveilles! 😍 Ce fil est vraiment beau, équivalent à la Gilliat ou à la Shelter de Brooklyn tweed et avec une touche rustique et des couleurs très profondes. I'm in love 💙 🙌 .

Are you looking for patterns using the Beiroa yarn from #rosapomar? I've spotted two beautiful ones: the first one is the Volo sweater by my dear Orlane and the second one is a free hat patten by Amanda Soule. I'm really in love the colours of this yarn as well as with its rustic feeling 💙
Juro que jo només volia comprar un pin... no sé què va passar. 🙄
I swear I just wanted to buy one badge, I don't know what happenned... 🙄

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User Image lanaetricot Posted: Nov 21, 2017 8:45 PM (UTC)
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Nouvelle surprise aujourd'hui avec l'arrivage de la Mondim et la Beiroa, laines portugaises de @rosapomar que j'ai vraiment hâte de mettre dans mes aiguilles.Et apparemment vous aussi car j'ai vu qu'elles commencent à avoir un grand succès sur la boutique en ligne!
Ce sont des laines comme je les aime:non-superwash, de petites productions, et avec une traçabilité. Et avec des couleurs à tomber 😍 .

Our new yarns are here directly from Portugal! Mondim and Beiroa, two yarns made from Portuguese wool and created by @rosapomar . Such nice yarns and colorways, can't wait to put them on my needles!
User Image casacampodasbizarras Posted: Nov 21, 2017 1:54 PM (UTC)
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#testemunhos clientes | com #rosapomar "Dois dias longe de Lisboa para ver a lã e a neve. Ficámos na Casa Campo das Bizarras, junto a Castro Daire. A decoração é despojada e invulgarmente criteriosa, feita exclusivamente com peças produzidas na região (algumas são preciosidades, como as colchas de puxados pertencentes à família da proprietária) que acabam por funcionar como uma mostra etnográfica: dos instrumentos do ciclo do linho e da lã aos móveis, das gigas de silva aos tamancos e às alfaias agrícolas, das capuchas ao excelente mel do pequeno-almoço." Fotografia gentilmente cedida por Rosa Pomar
(blog "A Ervilha Cor De Rosa")
User Image janniknits Posted: Nov 19, 2017 11:35 AM (UTC)
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All the wips!
I have a lot going on - and this is not all of it😅
There's a #skogafjall sweather close to start the yoke, so looking forward to see the colours together! An improvised overall for Una, a #speckleandpopmkal shawl which is still on clue one and a improvised sock(#christmassocks) with the amazingly lovely sockyarn #mondim by #rosapomar The lovely progresskeepers are from Kathrin @_bed_of_roses 💖
It's sun here today and I feel so much better for it, I don't think the weather affected me so much before - maybe it's because I'm getting older?
We'll soon be heading outdoors to soak up the sun☀ with some waffles and tea. Have a lovely Sunday everyone 💕💕💕
#wipparade #westknits #lopilove #strikkeinspo #strikkedilla #slowsunday #knitting_inspiration #ullergull #woollove #making #sjølvsagtsamstrikk #sjølvsagtstrikk
Really want to have this cardigan done for Christmas 🎅🎄This year I will only knit for one very special person so I think I wil be able to make it. I love knitting for others but what I have noticed (at least with my closest loved ones) is that they do not really end up using what I knit for them much or at all so this year I have decided to reduce significantly the list of hand knit gifts. Maybe it sound a bit too rude but what do you think? Do you have the same issue? Do you knit for your friends? Do they appreciate? 🌷yarn:@rosapomar --
Este año solo voy a tejer para una persona muy especial. Normalmente todos los años tejo para mis familiares y amigos pero he notado que muchos no usan las prendas apenas o nada asi que he decidido reducir la lista de personas a las que regalar algo tejido por mi. Me da pena pero es importante para mi entregar algo a alguien que sepa apreciar algo hecho a mano, que lleva horas y mucho amor. Os pasa lo mismo a vosotras? Tejeréis los regalos para estas navidades?🎄🎅 Me encantaria conocer vuestras experiencias 🌷

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User Image vilkaknits Posted: Nov 15, 2017 12:09 PM (UTC)
10 Aden
B E I R O A •
This yarn is to die for! I just love how the colour changes depending on the colour of the wool, it creates this wonderful debth to the yarn ❤️
Well done @rosapomar 👏
User Image michie_leaf Posted: Nov 14, 2017 4:45 AM (UTC)
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User Image affenherbst Posted: Nov 11, 2017 3:47 PM (UTC)
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Portugiesisches Handwerk von @rosapomar. Passen leider nicht. Perfekte Schuhe sind es trotzdem, daher sollen sie nicht unnötig zurück.
Leder, unisex, Gr. 41.

Gebe sie gerne ab, falls jemand möchte. (75 Euro inkl. Versand)

Bitte melden per PN .

User Image eneidaknits Posted: Nov 11, 2017 12:19 PM (UTC)
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Empezar un jersey y darte cuenta de que no vas a tener lana suficiente 😭
Beginning a sweater and a little later, reslizing that you are not going to have yarn enough
#theweekender #dreareeknits #retrosaria #rosapomar #mungo
Isn’t Instagram amazing for bringing all us knitting obsessed people together!? 5 years ago Instagram was a very different place, it didn’t feel so crowded, I used crazy filters and posted more quilts than knitting 😁 @littlebobbins & I started following each other and commenting on each other’s photos. It felt so nice to connect with people who were clearly as obsessed with making things as I was! We chatted online for a long time and we bumped into each other at a fibre festival. It wasn’t weird and was lovely to meet in person so we arranged to go for coffee. That one coffee has turned into regular coffee dates and now she’s a real friend who buys me yarn when she knows I can’t treat myself. Isn’t that the best sort of friend? I can’t wait to cast on this skein from @rosapomar and knit some special socks. Thanks Dani!! ☺️ Have a lovely weekend friends 💗 .
#rosapomar #operationsockdrawer #alexcollinsdesigns #themakersyear #knitting_inspire #knitstagram #womenwhomake #modernmaker #knitlove #slowliving_create #createmakeshare #thehandmadeparade #livecreatively #doitfortheprocess #craftsposure
User Image whiskey13 Posted: Nov 8, 2017 7:14 PM (UTC)
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Beautiful yarns from @rosapomar arrived. That middle skein of mondim is calling out to be cast on. I could have bought every colourway - but settled for the shade card instead 🙂#rosapomar #mondim
User Image rinntextiles Posted: Nov 6, 2017 3:39 PM (UTC)
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Finished up the first one and cast on the second. I love this yarn - it has a great vintage feel. I'm trying to catch up on 12 pairs for the year since I stopped knitting socks in favour of sweaters the last few months. Missing knitting my Lavia Sweater though. 😅
#knitstagram #knittinginspiration #knittingaddict #instayarn #wool #wooladdict #ravelry #hamont #knittinglove #instaknit #handknit #strikk #strikking #knitlife #handmade #rinnsocks2017 #operationsockdrawer #mondim #rosapomar #vanillasocks #retrosaria
Can't wait to cast-on new sweater!
Beautiful Hinterland yarn calls for eri's Kazahana sweater, and here's a little swatch for @paulapkl 's Devon pullover, but I'm still struggling by which yarn and colour I should go for, Though I love BT's yarn but Wanna try something new 😆
#knitting #ankerssweater #arwensweater #petiteknit #isabellkraemer #dropdesign #rosapomar #hinterland #eylulyarns

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