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After some days in Milan during the @redhookcrit we want to keep introducing our team riders!
@manuelino is a portuguese designer, photographer and videographer. Besides being the first lone rider in @bicirodagira , he collaborates in the frame prototype tests and in all the graphic design of the brand. Like the skinsuit inspired by the bike punx, produced by @arrueda a couple of years ago.
You can find him riding in the Azores Fixed every Summer since 2014, a trip through the Azores islands, where the only rule is to ride a fixed gear bike.
Manuel is impulsive by nature, he has the record of falls of all the team, last year in London he broke his collarbone and lost his memory in the next 30 minutes, but that hasn't stopped him from racing in Milan last weekend!
You can follow him on his Instagram 😉
@justoheras 📸💥
#rodagiralaserteam #laserbcn #laserbarcelona #rodagira #fixedgear #rhcm8 #milan #redhookcrit
“Now let me show you the shape of my heart”
We really enjoyed the last days in Milan with the team! It was all about bikes, good food, sharing things with talented people and racing hard during the @redhookcrit 💥
We’re preparing a #35mm trip recap for the weekend, stay tuned!
@alessiolascialfari 📸
#rodagiralaserteam #laserbcn #laserbarcelona #rodagira #fixedgear #rhcm8 #milan #redhookcrit #laserbcngirls #bikelife #gipsylife
Esta semana es el turno de Manuel Lino, diseñador, fotógrafo y 'film maker' portugués. Además de ser el primer corredor de Rodagira en solitario, colabora en los tests de prototipos de los cuadros y toda la parte gráfica de la marca.
Os lo podéis encontrar cada verano en el Azores Fixed desde 2014, un viaje por las islas volcánicas de Açores, donde la única regla es ir en piñon fijo.
Manuel es impulsivo por naturaleza, tiene el mayor historial de caídas de todo el equipo. El año pasado en Londres se rompió la clavicula y perdió la memoria durante los 30 minutos posteriores pero eso no le ha impedido estar corriendo ayer en Milán!
Podéis seguirlo en su cuenta @manuelino :)
@bjoern_lexius 📷
#rodagiralaserteam #laserbcn #laserbarcelona #rodagira #fixedgear #redhookcrit #redhookbarcelona #diyattitude #barcelona
It is all about details
Handmade with Novatec ultra light hub, @hplusson archetype and 20 bladed spokes. 690g and strong

#trackbike #fixedgear #lisboa #handmadewheels #bicirodagira #rodagira