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DEATH IN #THEFAMILY - Oh dear G-D @idfonline @ The #FBI is making rumblings again about some of us facing subpoenas but we just want to take a trip down @SBAgov & @ONgov Hall Of #PTSD #greatesthits. #WeAllKno why #RobFord's plane was held at a #Chicago airport tarmac but beloved Ronald somehow made it past previous to the days of @dhsgov integration deep w\ @rcmpgrcpolice. So is there a deeper history to similar offenses by other #globetrotting doctors still in any way financially attached to @ #NationBuilder @cssdp voter aggregation and shared voter lists among parties using automated message systems to corrupt the integrity of the voting system w/ a #NAFTA or #Softwood #lumber angle? OF COURSE THERE IS HOFFA the future of #healthcare and safety of #knowledge as one generation is replaced by another and the drivers become more brown and black faced earning a standard of living less than their predecessors as wages go down first prior to the intro of #Automated #trucking.🎺🎹🎤🔔 I still wonder @trump if #traffic and #transit beef (exacerbated by global #Vegan #AntiFa matrixes is leveraged at all among the many horrors of this prescription-writing $hit-show concerning this sacrilicious display of @WeAreFarmers. 🎸🎷🎧 Witch doctors are going to 'make a Kipling's killing' by buying the Cannabis data from the dispensaries in Upper Canada?

#SouthernOntarioAdventure #unsolved #DinoBravo
DEAR DIARY - @cm.punk.ufc since you seem to be a moral gateway on this path to self-discipline & enlightenment on the #StraightEdge side of punks to cum, let's #fagmob @brookecandy style this examination of #PTSD studies on behalf of #voicesforrefugees & Esther The Pig of #Campbellville @ONgov.

The last time we met dear friend was during your extended promotional work while u still had the @WWE title and I was involved with @hotboxcafe and photo capturing #RobFord prior to his being eviscerated by the #Suicide #Newsroom @thetorontostar and #DanielDale.

Time flies little pink pink punk but I still maintain that the treatment of @tocouncillorford was nothing less than a form of #SuicideByCop.
We Marion burying Marion Barrie-ing Marian Barry-ing it today punisher because even @allelbows knows that the paper-based form letter written by government folks of a disability mental health review on behalf of a #deathpanel is no way suitable for folks with dyslexia, PTSD or whatevs label these penny pinchers want to push. Somebody post a copy of the form letter because it is certainly impossible for new millenials to understand the gap between written-by-pen script and a bias-free QWERTY system to help the disabled. 📯

Hello/Allo @nelsonsportsbar thanks for all the likes. Please tell the Canadian government that a #NetflixAndChill tax does nothing for the lack of #LincolnAlexander speeches or posthumous streaming of great volumes of achievement benchmarks on @googleplaymusic - plenty for #MarcusGarvey & @louisfarrakhan - I suppose Lincoln never tattooed Stanley 'Tookie' Williams on his arm in an attempt to promote and save continent-wide black history in this era of the #GreatMigration. #Houston #SouthCentral 😎 #Trumpcare @ #SouthernOntarioAdventure
Online Petition Link —> (clickable online petition is in my instagram bio @fordnationdougford )
Rename Centennial Football Stadium After Rob Ford! Please sign this online petition telling John Tory and Toronto City Council that you want to see the stadium renamed after Rob - we will see this item in front of Council again, and we need to show everyone that Ford Nation can't be ignored! #FordNation
Why is there a picture of Rob Ford at The Firkin? #RobFord #Churchill and why is there a British flag in the background for a Canadian Mayor?
Wow this is Calgarys current Mayor ? Imagine him as your lawyer on death row !!! #christuttyyourbuddy #billsmith #crackhead #robford
Weblink for the online petition is clickable in my instagram bio @fordnationdougford . (
@ThrasherMag @cnn

Hey all @ #The6ix it's Friday so it's time for a good news report while listening to politics on @LBC and growing and dreaming and learning of the block-by-block solutions only a @WWE friend of @toronto_robford in local #topoli, #onpoli, #CdnPoli, #Scarborough could endure. 🏁🇨🇦🇵🇷🇺🇸
@cityofto squashed the local naming of a stadium in the name of #MayorFord who was a serious friend to the taxpayer. 🏁🇨🇦🇵🇷🇺🇸
So with that all set and dodgy, we will look to #DougFord to speak for the family in the coming weeks. 🏁🇨🇦🇵🇷🇺🇸
I have nothing but good memories of a messy IRL relationship with #RobFord... About nineteen years ago ii was on @cbcvancouver talking with #localmedia star #WilliamGibson about the status of #Google as military-industrial weapon (Gibson is the so-called founder of the term #Cyberspace). 🔛☣✡💯
That steered me clear of the book world with respect to the archetypical male founders of the stories of the first days of The Internet. 💯
Anyhow, hozabout @torontolife @torontolibrary get with this idea of supporting #Travel adventures for families interested in #Skateboarding family staycations or family skateboarder photographer jams through @Expedia. 💯I'm also interested in the political opinions of #skateboard folks and am now going to start interviewing these folks and sending blog.updates to @realdonaldtrump.

Here is a condom on the ground. A perfect specimen, fresh as the day is new. It's finds like this one that makes it all worthwhile. #condom #life #shakespeare #wanderlust #robford
#rip #robford the real gangster mayor .. even in death government a fight gainst .. dem fight gainst di boss stadium star smh 🤦🏽‍♂️
I posted this pic back in 2013 the guy riding this bike can predict the future just watch next week someone will have an episode of the simpsons saying the same shit #sipmsons #future #robford
AN HONEST VIEW OF THE WORLDWIDE #goVegan COMMUNITY - I am so sorry, OMG #Vegans #VegansOfIG #Parkour #Ziplining #Slacklining #CrossFit & #DrugFree #BodyBuilding communities. I fell off the wagon again and ended up doing so much fucking blow that I splintered my septum and ruptured some capillaries a few weeks ago so I am deep in #CocaineAnonymous and #rehab because of shit I pulled in #Massachusetts.

Anyway, as some of you are aware, I have changed my name to something more appropriate... Los.Angeles.Vegans and you can find my basic blog at where I have been attempting to negotiate a deal to purchase #Roma #Pizza of #HamOnt. There have been a few problems, namely taking an odd photo of #RobFord, @hamiltonspectator lack of coverage of intl. Organized Crime family member (oops Ronald) jumped to his death at #NiagaraFalls after signing his and hers 'scripts fore years @ONgov so here's The Art Of The Deal... FUCK THE @UN becuz these #EU thugs trying to leverage the poor by influencing #America to drop the penny and the nickle in favor of digital payments has me thinking and dreaming big that a #DrugWar #CombatMedic like me (@idfonline) might need to start raising the activist bar in advance of the 2020 Presidential election in USA by demanding both recreation and medical users of so-called #streetdrugs (ultimate form of disrespect) lobby their governments to supply so-called illegal drug producers the means to provide #defibrillator services at panic and flee points worldwide.

#NoMoreDrugWar but still on that h8rade for #TorontoVegans., Sincerely,

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