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”Roads are built for buses, cars, and trucks, not for people on bikes. My heart bleeds for them when I hear someone gets killed, but it’s their own fault at the end of the day” - Rob Ford, Canadian politician
DEATH IN #THEFAMILY - Oh dear G-D @idfonline @ The #FBI is making rumblings again about some of us facing subpoenas but we just want to take a trip down @SBAgov & @ONgov Hall Of #PTSD #greatesthits. #WeAllKno why #RobFord's plane was held at a #Chicago airport tarmac but beloved Ronald somehow made it past previous to the days of @dhsgov integration deep w\ @rcmpgrcpolice. So is there a deeper history to similar offenses by other #globetrotting doctors still in any way financially attached to @ #NationBuilder @cssdp voter aggregation and shared voter lists among parties using automated message systems to corrupt the integrity of the voting system w/ a #NAFTA or #Softwood #lumber angle? OF COURSE THERE IS HOFFA the future of #healthcare and safety of #knowledge as one generation is replaced by another and the drivers become more brown and black faced earning a standard of living less than their predecessors as wages go down first prior to the intro of #Automated #trucking.🎺🎹🎤🔔 I still wonder @trump if #traffic and #transit beef (exacerbated by global #Vegan #AntiFa matrixes is leveraged at all among the many horrors of this prescription-writing $hit-show concerning this sacrilicious display of @WeAreFarmers. 🎸🎷🎧 Witch doctors are going to 'make a Kipling's killing' by buying the Cannabis data from the dispensaries in Upper Canada?

#SouthernOntarioAdventure #unsolved #DinoBravo
DEAR DIARY - @cm.punk.ufc since you seem to be a moral gateway on this path to self-discipline & enlightenment on the #StraightEdge side of punks to cum, let's #fagmob @brookecandy style this examination of #PTSD studies on behalf of #voicesforrefugees & Esther The Pig of #Campbellville @ONgov.

The last time we met dear friend was during your extended promotional work while u still had the @WWE title and I was involved with @hotboxcafe and photo capturing #RobFord prior to his being eviscerated by the #Suicide #Newsroom @thetorontostar and #DanielDale.

Time flies little pink pink punk but I still maintain that the treatment of @tocouncillorford was nothing less than a form of #SuicideByCop.
We Marion burying Marion Barrie-ing Marian Barry-ing it today punisher because even @allelbows knows that the paper-based form letter written by government folks of a disability mental health review on behalf of a #deathpanel is no way suitable for folks with dyslexia, PTSD or whatevs label these penny pinchers want to push. Somebody post a copy of the form letter because it is certainly impossible for new millenials to understand the gap between written-by-pen script and a bias-free QWERTY system to help the disabled. 📯

Hello/Allo @nelsonsportsbar thanks for all the likes. Please tell the Canadian government that a #NetflixAndChill tax does nothing for the lack of #LincolnAlexander speeches or posthumous streaming of great volumes of achievement benchmarks on @googleplaymusic - plenty for #MarcusGarvey & @louisfarrakhan - I suppose Lincoln never tattooed Stanley 'Tookie' Williams on his arm in an attempt to promote and save continent-wide black history in this era of the #GreatMigration. #Houston #SouthCentral 😎 #Trumpcare @ #SouthernOntarioAdventure
Online Petition Link —> (clickable online petition is in my instagram bio @fordnationdougford )
Rename Centennial Football Stadium After Rob Ford! Please sign this online petition telling John Tory and Toronto City Council that you want to see the stadium renamed after Rob - we will see this item in front of Council again, and we need to show everyone that Ford Nation can't be ignored! #FordNation
Why is there a picture of Rob Ford at The Firkin? #RobFord #Churchill and why is there a British flag in the background for a Canadian Mayor?
Wow this is Calgarys current Mayor ? Imagine him as your lawyer on death row !!! #christuttyyourbuddy #billsmith #crackhead #robford
Weblink for the online petition is clickable in my instagram bio @fordnationdougford . (
Nem essa chuvinha me tira a vontade de Bros! 😎😎
#vem #delicius #burger #robford
@ThrasherMag @cnn

Hey all @ #The6ix it's Friday so it's time for a good news report while listening to politics on @LBC and growing and dreaming and learning of the block-by-block solutions only a @WWE friend of @toronto_robford in local #topoli, #onpoli, #CdnPoli, #Scarborough could endure. 🏁🇨🇦🇵🇷🇺🇸
@cityofto squashed the local naming of a stadium in the name of #MayorFord who was a serious friend to the taxpayer. 🏁🇨🇦🇵🇷🇺🇸
So with that all set and dodgy, we will look to #DougFord to speak for the family in the coming weeks. 🏁🇨🇦🇵🇷🇺🇸
I have nothing but good memories of a messy IRL relationship with #RobFord... About nineteen years ago ii was on @cbcvancouver talking with #localmedia star #WilliamGibson about the status of #Google as military-industrial weapon (Gibson is the so-called founder of the term #Cyberspace). 🔛☣✡💯
That steered me clear of the book world with respect to the archetypical male founders of the stories of the first days of The Internet. 💯
Anyhow, hozabout @torontolife @torontolibrary get with this idea of supporting #Travel adventures for families interested in #Skateboarding family staycations or family skateboarder photographer jams through @Expedia. 💯I'm also interested in the political opinions of #skateboard folks and am now going to start interviewing these folks and sending blog.updates to @realdonaldtrump.

Here is a condom on the ground. A perfect specimen, fresh as the day is new. It's finds like this one that makes it all worthwhile. #condom #life #shakespeare #wanderlust #robford
#rip #robford the real gangster mayor .. even in death government a fight gainst .. dem fight gainst di boss stadium star smh 🤦🏽‍♂️