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A thank you gift from my cousin for petsitting last week. I haven't watched a full season in a couple of years but I will never forget the 2011 season. The race in which Simoncelli passed away was the one I missed...I had set my alarm but decided to give it a miss. I ended up dreaming there was a massive crash during the race. Then I woke up to the devastating news that Sic had died. What a terrible loss... #RIPSimoncelli #Sic58 #MotoGP #ThoughtfulGift
Second rider in my lifetime taken far too soon watched Nicky from as early as I can remember thoughts are wife his family and friends #riphayden #ripsimoncelli #69❤️58
Faz precisamente cinco anos que um dos pilotos mais promissores,e que muitos apelidavam de o "novo Rossi" nos deixou. Marco Simoncelli apesar da sua juventude na altura era dos pilotos mais respeitados e acarinhados do circo do MotoGP.
#RipSimoncelli #Motogp @motogp
5 years ago today, moto gp will never have another rider like super sic! #ripsimoncelli #supersic
I know it's not f1 but we will miss you Marco a future champion gone too soon 😢😢😢 #ripsimoncelli #marco58 #58