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Forcing food down and writing about the man strong enough to challenge me and love me all at the same time ❤️ #ripgrandpa
Fasted cardio house of #twins 2 sets #tiredaf #twinnation👫❤️ birthday party finally with all that went on they were patient #ripgrandpa #auntflowsucks😡 that's how my day is starting
Highlight of My Trip.. meeting my niece and nephew ❤️❤️💯💯#RipGrandpa
These past couple of weeks have been one of the hardest times in my life. My amazing Grandpa passed away at the age of 75. After a year of struggling back and forth with his illness he truly was a strong man, it was hard to see him suffer the way he did. I'm happy at least that I got to spend one last birthday with him as he was so happy that day. I will miss everything about my Grandpa he was truly my oldest best friend. Grandpa was such a funny, wise and caring man. He always gave me the best advice through my troubling times and was always there to support my dreams. He always called me his star and a good kid. I'm grateful for the time I had with my Grandpa on earth as he taught me so much about life and he's especially one of the reasons why I found the LORD in my life as he always used to have deep talks and prayers with me about the Gospel. Such a peaceful, and loving bond we had. I will miss our prayers together, our jokes, laughs, visits, having coffee and donuts together at Dunkin Donuts, our long phone calls, and our little jokes was that since we were both Aquarius he always said we were the best haha, or when I would ask him why I wasn't lucky enough to have his bluish green eyes he always joked that we'll get surgery and trade eyes because he always wanted to have my brown eyes haha. The memories go on and will live forever in my heart. I know I will see him again in heaven when my time is up, it's a very confusing feeling as I'm happy that he's not suffering anymore and is free with his spirit in paradise with the Lord, but I'm also heartbroken at the same time because I will never be able to talk to him again in the physical reality. I love you Grandpa, and "till the end of time" like you would always tell me. Enjoy your time with Jesus, it will be hard to live without you, it's already been hard with my uncontrollable tears but you always told me to take care of myself and that's exactly what I'll do. Until we meet again... R.I.P. Ronald Edward Caviello Sr. / February 10th 1942 - September 23rd 2017 👴🏻😇👼🏼🙏🏻✝️✨❤️💔 #1Grandpa #BestGrandpa #LoveYou #MissYou #RIP #Grandpa #RIPGrandpa #GrandpaLove
nara617 14h ago
My Grandpa is now together with my beautiful Grandma. ❤😔 RIP my gramps!!! We love you!!! Watch over the family. 😇 #ripgrandpa #ily
redn885 16h ago
It's been 8 years since you left us, Poppa, and it ain't gotten any easier. Still miss you every single day. Doesn't help that we're livin' in your old house now, and that Nana's health is goin' downhill fast. Cubbie still ain't runnin' yet, which makes it even harder. But I promised you I'd get 'er runnin' again, and I will. Just wish you could be here when I do get 'er runnin' so you could take 'er for another ride. I miss you so much.
R.I.P. Poppa
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The losses help create you as much as the wins.
Accept every sentence in your story.
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My dad and grandma. They have both gone through such emotional endurance, each having lost the love of their lives. #ripmom #ripgrandpa. They both keep moving forward. Wow. #family #florida #corona #coronita #cerveza #eandj #brandy
Pain (October 20, 2017)
Though our lives here are temporary, we live for eternity. How it feels to be here though, coping with living here, is one of the hardest things to do when you’re promised a life without pain. I thank God for conquering death and insuring that this is not the end. I thank God for my family for leading me closer to that realization. And I thank God for every situation that brings us closer to him.
Here’s my Prayer,
Dear Lord,
Today is a sad day, but I choose to see your glory. Today we mourn but for an eternity we will rejoice. Handle every unresolved situation, and every worry. Cover your people, and help us do better with reaching each other’s souls. Help us to love each other more through these things, and bless us with strength to continue on.
#molitia #lovethyneighbor #familymatters #ripgrandpa
You made us smile
you made us laugh
it lasted for awhile
but now it's just the past
Fishing was perfect
the only thing for you
but now you're in heaven
you can fish there too
We see your face
and want to cry
our love for you
will never die
We care about you
in our hearts
we'll love you always
even now we are apart
You gave us sweets
but only your love
is sweeter than honey
And now I would like to thank the good Lord above
For blessing us with our Grandpa, with his kindness and love
Dear God, if it is not too much fuss
Take extra special care of our Grandpa, for he is very dear to us
Grandpa, if you are listening, say a prayer for us every day
Be sure to protect us and guide us on our way
We know when God called you, you had to go
But we want you to know Grandpa we miss you and love you so much 💙

Youngest Bull Out My Camp 👹😍❣️❤️ he melts my heart he been here before this gotta be PapaJohn all over again #ripgrandpa
I hate waking up to bad news n I dnt even know how to cope or handle the situation.... It sucks that I work all the time n live 3 hours away n couldnt see u before u left this cruel world. U r in a better place... n u will b missed. 😭 #ripgrandpa
Call your parents when you think of them tell your friends when you love them #ripgrandpa love you hope you live on in peace
Hug someone and tell them you love them. That’s my Grandpa in the middle. This photo was taken about ten days ago at Captain’s Tavern. He was a real legend and the most honorable man I’ll ever meet. I hope I can be half the man he was. #ripgrandpa #RIP #love #heaven #legendsneverdie