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America what did you do...what have you become...oh, you were always like this. #america #ripamerica #skull
Since I’ve been alive, I was born in 92, every single president has been a deceitful lieing piece of shit with a hidden agenda benefiting themselves & their tight nit group.
I grew up listening to Eminem. Aside from most of his lyrics about killing his mom & wife, at times he will throw in lyrics about politics such as the song called Mosh, We As Americans, etc.
So let me make this short.
Why does Eminem not speak on the atrocities that occurred under the Obama administration? Find me one song where he talks about Obama detaining US citizens without due process. Find me one song where he speaks on Obama drone striking weddings which killed women & children. Find me one song where he criticizes Obama because let me tell you, Obama is fraudulent just like the rest of the presidents we have all experienced in office.
Diss trump all you want I could give a fuck. Just be accurate. You’ve dissed the clintons. You dissed many politicians. All of them are white.
Back to my point. Why does he not speak on Obama? 0. Silence. 🤔🤔🤔🤔
@eminem you are uninformed, unenlightened, & you are now a trendy yup yuppie. You got famous off rapping about slitting your wife’s throat. Now everyone that hates Trump for being hateful, loves Eminem for being hateful to Trump 😂😂😂😂😂
1 year ago when we shacked up and Barack was still in the White House. What a coupla babies. #ripamerica #livinginsin