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#TBT let’s make this a bit fun! Can you guys guess which edition of #RinglingBros this is? #KevinVenardos was the ringmaster for this Edition! #davidlarible was also in the show! Directed by #PhilMckinley! Produced by #FeldEntertainment!!! #Feld #FeldStudios #RinglingBros #Circus #CircusArts #Spectacle
Welcome to The Ted Show Live - Episode 47 - with my talented guest, Johnathan Iverson! Tune in at 1pm today on Facebook Live - we’ll discuss Opera del Sol, writing, theatre, music, business and so much more!
Johnathan Iverson - 10/19 1pm
Johnathan is the Artistic Director of Opera del Sol. Based on his bio, Johnathan is definitely a renaissance man.
Artistic Director – Opera del Sol - 2017 - Present
• Craft the performance season in association with the Executive Director and creative team.
• Create and craft outreach programs.
• Recruit and hire talent.
• Aid in the securing of funding for outreach programs and productions.
• Compose scripts, direct, and perform as needed.
Ringmaster — Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey
• The voice of The Greatest Show On Earth for nearly 450 shows annually.
• Travel with the show and present each act during the program and special events.
• Sing numerous original compositions during the show, including the Star Spangled Banner while accompanied by a live band.
• Lead in-studio vocalist for songs composed for each respective production.
• National Anthem (Star Spangled Banner) performer for numerous live sporting events in local markets.
• Primary spokesperson for Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey to the press - print, broadcast, online, and special events.
• Blogger at the Huffington Post.
• Producer and event planner for annual company functions, which required a scripted production and arrangement of commendations to reward to show personnel.
• Miss Saigon - John - The Media Theatre • Carnival - B.F. Schlegel - The Kennedy Center • Dreamgirls -"Tiny" Joe Dixon - The Fox Theatre • Showboat - Ensemble - Carnegie Hall 
• Barbara Walter's 10 Most Fascinating People of 1999 - Honoree - ABC Television • CBS News Saturday Morning - Performer - CBS Television • The Today Show - Performer - NBC Television • The Tonight Show w/Jay Leno - Performer - NBC Television 
• Opera del Sol Presents Opera Wars – November 17-18 at The Kennedy Space Center and November 24-25 at The Orchid Garden. #opera #ringlingbros #greatestshowonearth #music #community #tv #thetedshow #blessed @lastringmaster
Pasadena, California, artist Chang Reynolds (1914-1987) painted this 22'' x 28'' oil on canvas depicting Ringling Bros. circus elephants, and it sold for $6000 at John Moran Auctioneers, Monrovia, California, August 8, 2017

#art #artist #antiques #antique #auction #elephant #circus #RinglingBros #elephants #collecting #collect #decoration
The perfect accessory to your Clown Costume.⠀
Head to the link in bio to get your Halloween candy!
The statues and gardens at @theringling in Sarasota are as impeccable as the circus collections they have. Don't miss the galleries!
👁️📷 Swipe left for more pictures! 📸💥
This was Suzy.🐅 She was forced to perform frightening and confusing tricks day after day in the #ringlingbros circus. Feld Entertainment, Ringling’s parent company, was planning to ship her and 14 other big cats used by Ringling Bros.— #lions, #tigers, and a leopard, all of whom are legally entitled to the protection of the Endangered Species Act—to Europe to be used, yet again, in circus 🎪 acts.
But before she was sent on what would’ve been an excruciating journey to Europe, Feld allowed her to escape—and she was then gunned down in the streets in Georgia. The U.S. Fish and #Wildlife Service issued an export permit to the company, despite learning from PETA and thousands of people that it didn’t meet the legal requirements for the permit—because using animals in circus acts doesn’t help the species’ survival rates in the wild and even harms legitimate conservation efforts!

A corrupt company that💰profits💰off living, feeling beings and reduces them to pieces of property, Feld has a long history of animal abuse. If it hadn’t tried to squeeze another dollar out of Suzy by shipping her off to another circus, she’d probably still be alive today.💔
We all have the power to help animals like #Suzy who are still suffering in circuses today. Animals used in circuses are hauled from city to city in cramped boxcars or trailers, kept shackled with chains for most of their lives, and beaten in order to get them to perform on cue. 😢

Tigers are forced to jump through🔥flaming hoops🔥(even though they’re naturally afraid of fire) and worse. Never go to a circus that uses animals, and ask your friends and family members to do the same.
Credit @peta2 @peta .
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@sue2q & I had a chance to catch a quick 24 hours with @chazchambers as he travels to #iceland for a bit of adventure.
We managed to not drive Sue completely crazy w/ music talk and I even threw the cameras up in the Camry to chat with Chaz about his new venture @havanamusictours on the next #carpoolingwithben - presented by @cardisfurniture this Friday (10/20) - Safe Travels, my friend.
See you down the road!
#ringlingbros #circusdrummer #circus @brettwbarlow -You’re Next: @murkanpianist @pianoboyce #flythew #yahtzee @sageyoku @howling.dowling @briancollingsworth #circusband #family @becauseyourmommy #greatestbandonearth #thingsimiss #WheresMattyRich? #BuildingAWoodenAirplane @jazzandbrews #mcdonoughmonday #slicksunday #sawdust #firstofmay @jazzkdh #GodBlessJerome
URGENT: Suzy the tiger from #RinglingBros has been shot dead.
The clowns are back!! I need more, it's still a sparse collection.... #pennywise
Ever since I was 6 years old I wanted to be apart of their amazingly produced shows and it’s just crazy I get to walk through this epic building and get to see all the spectacular stuff that happens here. I admire everything they do it’s so surreal to me to get to be here! #FeldEntertainment #feldstudios #marveluniverselive #disneylive #disneyonice #sesamestreetlive #MonsterJam #ringlingbros #supercross #arenacross
Circuses are about as cruel as it gets. From jumping through fire to being beaten with whips and bull hooks. These animals are tortured until the day they die. Please don’t support this horrible industry. ~Jillian

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