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This day last year, everything changed. Feels like yesterday. ♥

You made it home, and thats what matters most. The whole purpose of life here, is to find ourselves, stay faithful, and make it to the finish line, for the perfect forever. I’m grateful for the good because it was genuine, and beautiful, and I’m just as grateful for the bad. God gave it to us for a reason, and I am who I am today, because of it. It helped make me into a virtuous woman from the one I was, in ways I never thought, and prepared me for the mom I am, and will better be in the future. This will be our last post sweetheart. ♥ Happy First Heaven Birthday. ✞ #bornagain #sacrificialLove #rideordie #insicknessandinhealth #HeavenisforReal.
My rock for 12 years and many more to come ❤️ Thanks for being there for me, I love you!!!!!! @coco_chanel.xo #bff #rideordie #forever

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