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It's early, I'm half asleep, and I'm still experiencing vivid dreams. I cannot move, my heart shrieks, but no noise emits from my trembling lips. There's a monster in my doorway, but once I sharply inhale, I wake myself. After I sit up and regain the concept of reality, I become confused. Where did that terrorizing entity go?
— Sleep paralysis fucking sucks.
AMAZING original 70’s maxi!!! Simple, flattering and incredibly sexy design.... softened with lovely earthy toned piping. Timeless elegance! ➰Perfect condition ➰suit size large 8/10 ➰$70 ➰comment Sold to purchase ➰postage available
NEW! This cute 1960s cotton blouse featuring florals in autumnal hues 🍂 is available now. Best on a sz Small, nice oversized fit on an XS. $38 + shipping. Follow the link in our bio or send us a DM here to purchase ✨
Vintage Starter Kentucky #24 basketball jersey. Scroll right for deets!
Size: 52/XL
Condition: 8/10 (small stain on side seam of jersey)
Vtg Starter Vinny Testdaverde #12 Browns jersey. Vinny was the man when he played in the NFL. Even his name is perfect for the sport! 🏈💩 Size: L/XL
Condition: 8/10
Vintage Starter Pittsburg Steelers crew neck ringer sweatshirt. 🖤&💛 Size: L
Condition: 9/10

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