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Unser neuer Beitrag über arabische und deutsche klänge Im Linden Museum in Stuttgart mit der Oper sängerin Corneila Lanz.Eine schöne Mischung zwischen den beiden Musikarten.
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U.S. Army Reserve Sgt. Celeste McKenry returned from Kuwait to her home in Oley Wednesday and surprised her son, Waylon Townsley, 7, as he was dropped off at the Friedens Lutheran Childcare Center after his day at the Oley Valley Elementary School. (📷: Harold Hoch)
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Ribeira - While I was walking in the streets of Afurada village, on the Douro river, I saw an open door. I could see lots of pictures inside but one of them was sort of calling for my attention - the one with a portrait of a young man. ⠀
So I asked the lady inside if I could come in and learn more about it - he was her husband, 40 years ago, right before he died during a fish hunt in the ocean. She has been a faithful widow ever since.⠀

- ⠀

If you are in Milan on Friday, December 15, come and say hi at @bottegaimmagine in Milan where EyesOpen! Magazine (@eyesopen_magazine) will present their newest issue "Generations". My project "Ribeira" has been featured as well. ⠀
I hope to see you there to share stories and experiences
dancin’ where the stars go blue
dancin’ where the evening fell
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