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User Image os.repair_ Posted: Feb 23, 2018 8:54 AM (UTC)

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It is better to do little things in a great way, than to do nothing at all.
User Image jayvsquier Posted: Feb 23, 2018 8:51 AM (UTC)
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How very fancy! Each time one of these Ibanez Artcore Guitars comes into the shop for some work, I'm reminded of just how good they are. In their price range, I wouldn't walk past one without at least giving it some consideration. This one does take the timber veneer thing a little too far for my liking (scratchplate), but apart from that, I was having a great time playing it before the mountain of guitars to work on caught my eye! I was going to write up all the points worth talking about in favour of this guitar, but there were too many! The main cons, well only a few in total - a rough streak ran down a minor part of the fretboard on the bass side near the body joint, and the hardware (at least tuners and bridge) could do with an upgrade, and yeah, looks a little over the top... Apart from that, I'd gig it, stock pickups and all. #ibanez #artcore #tymguitars #guitartech #hollowbody #guitar #repairshop #brisbane #winnlane #fortitudevalley #thevalley #guitars #guitarrepair #beexcellenttoeachother
User Image Posted: Feb 23, 2018 7:40 AM (UTC)

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Topik : tukar rear camera dan 5D glass iphone 6plus!
Masalah camera bagi pengguna iphone 6plus memang biasa. Tak perlu risau fme boleh selesaikannya dgn pantas tak sampai setengah jam🤗
Sebarang pertanyaan atau masalah boleh dm terus atau whatsapp 014-8103992
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User Image apprenticeshipsrus Posted: Feb 23, 2018 4:47 AM (UTC)

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We all know parking in the sun results in a hot car.
Rotating the wheel puts the side you normally touch in the shade and leaves the other side exposed to the sun. While part of your wheel will still be pretty hot when you touch it, you'll quickly revert it back to its normal position and you'll no longer have to worry about burning your hands.
User Image automotivesolutionslondon Posted: Feb 23, 2018 3:33 AM (UTC)

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Regular winter car maintenance helps you avoid costly damage down the road

Subzero temperatures, snow, slush and salt.

While residents may be familiar with these conditions, many consumers aren't doing everything they can to protect themselves from these circumstances and the expensive bills that can result — particularly when it comes to cars.
Here are some tips for keeping cars in tip-top condition during winter and beyond, thus keeping drivers safe and saving them from costly repairs.
Be patient with windows
Broken window motors are a common, but easily avoidable, winter car ailment.

It's just a matter of waiting for vehicles to warm up enough to thaw potentially frozen windows and not forcing windows if they're stuck. "Trying over and over again to roll down a frozen window is bad," he said. "We need to be careful with them and remind ourselves that, in the winter, we should be doing everything we do with our cars a little slower, because, if not, we can quickly break an important function." It costs about $300 to replace a single car window motor.
Automotive Solutions suggests drivers buy a silicone spray and apply it to the rubber lining where windows meet the doors. That lubricates the windows and helps prevent them from freezing.

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Hdmi port pins coming out from back. Still can be fixed. #ps4hdmiport #repairshop #sony #gamersedge #gameconsole

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