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Math jokes are my SHIT also check out our story
I have a banana costume and I don’t even use it for Halloween it just hangs on my door
my best friend was STILL my best friend while with her, and I was actually still her #1, but this bitch 🐍 was so possessive and made sure she only hung out w/ her. y’all my best f said she always treated her like she was nonexistent when this other girl was with them, but when I was there, 🐍 did that to ME and acted like it was only her and my best f??? but of course she was just pERFECT, 4.0 gpa, one of the fastest girls ((and part of sports)), part of two dance teams for 3 years, and looked pretty everyday smh
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If you're wondering if this is autobiographical, then it's worth noting that I purposely drew characters that don't look look like anyone I know, lest someone feel uncomfortable after seeing this. 💁🏽 🤦🏽‍♀️#cripplingselfawareness

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