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User Image reedus.rides Posted: Jan 22, 2018 9:30 PM (UTC)

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So I’ve been struggling a lot lately, and it’s been really hard for me to steer myself right. My mom called me something that hasn’t left my head since then. I was looking at a photo of Norman and my mom called me a ‘stalker.’ That is one word that really digs deep and bothers me, because I’m the exact opposite of that. I am someone who has so much love and appreciation for Norman, but most importantly, I have respect for him. I am not someone who tracks his every move and feels the need to make his personal life my business, because it isn’t anyone else’s business but his, and I’m not someone who sticks my nose in other people’s business. I’m also not someone who is immature and goes after those in his life like some of the fans do. Diane is beautiful, and she makes Norman happy, and isn’t that all that matters? Now, in my head, all I keep thinking is that everyone else thinks of me the same way. I struggle heavily with OCD, I have for years, so with these additional thoughts sitting there for my illness to obsess over, makes it two times worse. I archived some of my posts because I don’t want people to think that I’m someone crazy that doesn’t have a level head. These edits are just something I like to make. They are just my way of expressing my feelings of appreciation for Norman. I wish the people in my life actually understood, or at least tried to understand, how much Norman means to me. That is why I love being on this account, because I have met so many other people who feel the same way and actually know and understand how I feel. He has helped me so much, more than he’ll ever know, so when people think that how I feel is just a joke, it really, really hurts. If anyone read this all the way, thank you. I appreciate everyone who likes my account and respects my feelings... 💕
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