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User Image cooperthetripodcat Posted: Nov 21, 2017 11:02 PM (UTC)
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My Meowmy wanted to take some time to introduce you all to my brothers and sisters! You'll probably be seeing them a lot!
This is my Meowmy with my big brother Rupert! He's a 5 year old pitbull. Apparently he showed up outside my Meowmy's old apartment. He was about 6 to 8 months old and weighed about 25lbs. You could see every bone in his body. Meowmy took him to the vet and got him checked out. He was surprisingly healthy, but emaciated. She had looked around for missing signs and Craigslist, but couldn't find anyone looking for him. His vet said to just keep him; Meowmy lived just outside a very bad area that had cock fights and dogs fights. .
He's now a healthy 50lbs! He's a gentle giant when it comes to interacting with the rest of my kitty siblings. He's too polite to keep Shinsuke (my other kitty brother) away from his food while he's eating, so my Meowmy has to watch over him while he eats.
Also, I think him and my Meowmy have the same hair color. I also told Meowmy to change before she took a picture because she's wearing pizza pajama pants, an old Macho Man shirt, and a Finn Bálor hoodie that is 90% pet hair. But whatevs.
User Image paulofemina91 Posted: Nov 22, 2017 4:48 PM (UTC)
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