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Ed Sheeran recently revealed his substance abuse struggle. I just posted the article up on Clean Recovery Centers FB page. Great read! It takes a lot of strength to come out about that publicly, but what a true inspiration for doing so. I hope he is able to get the help he needs and can inspire others to do the same🙏
Can't agree more! If you or a loved one is in need of help for substance abuse, please reach out to us. You can even message me right on this app. My name is Austin and I have been in recovery since 4-10-13. Part of my own recovery process was treatment that taught how to have compassion for myself which helped me tremendously. I am now happy to be able to give back.
Weekend to do list 📝: ✨Say one nice thing to yourself while looking in the mirror ✨Take ten minutes out of your day to meditate ✨Remind yourself that you are doing your best ✨Read a chapter out of The Trauma Heart
We hope you have an amazing and peaceful weekend! ☮️🙌🏾
Studies have shown that spending time in nature has the ability to lower stress and anxiety. We are so close to the ocean we try and spend as much time outside as possible. We encourage you to spend 20 minutes outside this weekend---the benefits will be rewarding in more "waves" than one. 🌊 😉 #OneWithNature #WavesForDays #SocalLiving
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Who meditates as part of your recovery? Who would like to meditate with me? 😃 There's a brand new group called "Meditative State" on Facebook. Every Wednesday at 7pm there will be a FB Live guided meditation by Charles Robinson. If you are already an avid meditator, please share your resources/practices/insights/experiences:) if you are into yoga, holistic practices, reiki, reflexology or anything that is similar that I am missing, please share your practices/experiences too ☺️ It's a great place for unconditional love, wisdom and serenity 🙌🏽
Going through a traumatic experience often leaves one feeling isolated and alone. On our #blog this week we are discussing how discussing your experience with other victims can be freeing. Tap the link in our bio to read more. 👆🏽❤️
Another good one from RDJ🙌🏽Please follow @cleanrecoverycenters for more good quotes and content! Also please follow Clean Recovery Centers Facebook page for articles and blogs based around today's world of recovery ☺️ I will be taking over their LIVE feeds 😃 so please come join I. ❤️
Have you checked out our #blog yet? We discuss all things mental and fitness health related as well as our recommendations for staying happy, healthy, + sober. The link is in our bio. 📱👆🏽
Sending love and light to everyone using #metoo this week. We are so PROUD of you for coming forward and sharing your story. You are not alone----we are all in this together. If any of you #recoverywarriors need to talk don't hesitate to tap the #call button in our bio. 💕💪🏽