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User Image seedofcreation Posted: Nov 18, 2017 8:04 PM (UTC)
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Happy New Moon from @seedofcreation! Are you feeling any of these themes in your life today? ♏️💜✨
User Image wavesofgaia Posted: Nov 18, 2017 8:03 PM (UTC)
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Art credit: @eating.dis.order ⚫️ New moon in Scorpio doesn't fuck around. The good news is you are going to transmute this pain into empowerment. The pain will not swallow you whole, even if it may feel that way initially. Be bold in addressing whatever is coming up for you. Challenge the stories and dare to shift your perspective surrounding them. Nothing is in vain. Whatever has brought you to this moment served a purpose. Together we will rise in truth and love. First though, we must stop tiptoeing around what no longer serves our highest purpose. ▪️Thank you for sharing this beautiful image with me, Far. @thecosmicnomad ♥️
#newmoon #darksideofthemoon #shadow #transmutation #energy #healing #togetherwerise #rebirth #scorpio
User Image the_persian_chef Posted: Nov 18, 2017 7:58 PM (UTC)
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i've gone pretty inward lately. looking for ink in places where there was once color. knocking on all the doors. asking all the sages. making war with a multitude of counselors. looking for the next thing to point me to the next thing. i sense a big shift coming. when i look into the fire, i see the same vision in the flame. it returns again and again. i don't know what i am seeing. but i feel like i've been gravitating towards it. for a very long time. now more than ever. it required a catalyst to set it all into motion. something sundered my soul so severely and since then. my mind has been draped in thoughts of beauty.
// .refinement
// .intelligence
// .grace
music stirs in my heart.
like the hymn of a honed harp.
brilliance casts over my eyes.
like a spiraling glass stairwell.
my thinking
// .altered
my environment
// .out of harmony
the armor of my identity.
all becoming outgrown.
being cast aside.
garment by garment.
until it passes out of my life
User Image evelynanncatt Posted: Nov 18, 2017 8:01 PM (UTC)
0 Mayfair
Life may be short
But our journey is long.
The music plays on
Even after this song.
Each soul is a flower
In perpetual bloom.
The Universe a nursery
With millions of rooms.
#evecattart #life #journey #music #song #soul #flower #bloom #nursery #rooms #Universe #rebirth #renewal #transition #zen #Buddha #buddhism #dharma #mindfulness #meditate #meditation #eternal
User Image tiwharlee Posted: Nov 18, 2017 8:00 PM (UTC)
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I love you sis
She jst lyk me 2 mch
Kisses 2 u dear
User Image ksullivan1987 Posted: Nov 18, 2017 7:58 PM (UTC)
0 Amaro
Beautiful destruction. Christchurch is still very much in recovery mode from earthquakes several years ago but next to every scene like this you find thriving, innovative, spaces offering food, drinks, and locally made arts and crafts. #rebirth #phoenix #christchurch
➖Akatsuki Gauntlet➖

So this is going to be similar to ODC Challenges, except I don't wanna be a generic thot so I'm adding a little creativity. So nine debaters can claim the Akatsuki Spots, you can choose the following:

Tobi (Obito)
EMS Sasuke

So each member can be challenged once a week for their title, when they are challenged they will debate three times against the challenger. The first will be a Street Debate, second will be an Enhanced Debate, and the third will be a Mid/Island Debate (Title holder has to use their Akatsuki Character). If the challenger wins at least 2 debates he takes the title!
💥To claim an Akatsuki Spot, comment the character you claim!
(Btw if you choose Pain it's all 6 Paths + Nagato you will debate with).
- -#justiceleague #Avengers #dc #detectivecomics #anime #marvelcomics #dragonballz #Pokemon #Naruto #bleach #onepunchman #deathnote #lightyagami #injustice #Batman #Captainamerica #sailormoon #ashketchum #ichigo #goku #valiant #spawn #xmen #starwars #Indianajones #anad #rebirth
User Image tejashreeingawale Posted: Nov 18, 2017 7:57 PM (UTC)
0 Gingham
The snake and the moon

Snake symbolic meaning of transformation came from the shedding of its skin. Physical evidence of leaving its form behind (casting off the old self), and emerging a sleeker, newer version made the snake a powerful symbol of rebirth and renewal.

Snake and moon are a Healer 🖤

#meaning #snakedream #snake #skin #physical #emerging #rebirth #renewal #moon #meditation
#soul #peace #spiritual #art #illustration
#dots #snakeamdmoon #tejashreeingawale
User Image thewhimsymerchant Posted: Nov 18, 2017 7:56 PM (UTC)
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Painting in the car is not the easiest thing in the world but where there is a will there is a way! I'm super excited about this little piece! Can't wait to gift it! 💜👩🏻‍🎨🎨 #painter #artistsoninstagram #artist #visualartist #visualart #studio #studioartist #lifeofapainter #spiritual #spirituality #awake #renewal #rebirth #mothernature #abstractpainting #abstract #painting #artisan #maker #dreamer #explorer #wanderer #hope #life #growth #chapel #church #southern #rustic #acrylic
User Image somriggs Posted: Nov 18, 2017 7:55 PM (UTC)
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Time changes time...question is how seriously are you taking #time # phoenix #rebirth
User Image living.our.ascension Posted: Nov 18, 2017 7:53 PM (UTC)
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HIDDEN GEMS Happy Scorpio new moon everyone! Scorpio moons are known to be intense. But they don't have to be in a negative way! This day more than any other in the year is about diving deep into our dark mysterious waters, finding hidden gems there and rising from the ashes like a Phoenix. And it just so happens that the sky looks like this right NOW! Both the new moon and the archetype of Scorpio are about letting go of something and allowing it to transform... possibly an old perception that has had control on our minds rather than a basis in physical reality. No more control mechanisms.. it's time for liberation! #scorpio #rebirth #phoenix #transformation #healing #emotionalhealing #synchronicity #signsfromabove #ascension #letgo #surrender #empowerment #divinefeminine
User Image northwest_misfit Posted: Nov 18, 2017 7:44 PM (UTC)
1 Clarendon
Really digging how this song is coming together. Still more work to do- planning to have "Rebirth" out by tomorrow night. Sounding huge 🖒
User Image natt_catt Posted: Nov 18, 2017 7:48 PM (UTC)
0 Clarendon
Happy #NewMoon in #Scorpio my sexy Scorpions and Zodiac Lovelies🔥✨🔥✨we have a powerful opportunity to do our healing work under this #moon more than ever 🌙
•SCORPIO• Being a water sign 🌚 coupled with our Moon always points to the emotional realms and the gifts awaiting below the surface waters if we are willing to submerge our awareness. 🌚THIS MOON CYCLE🌝
Go deep within and let yourself be healed and THEN let your ability to heal others flow 🌎 Some of us have experienced so much pain/trauma in our pasts that when the time came for self work we put it aside and channeled that negative energy from those experiences into helping others. We become these healing warriors in this world so no one has to experience what we went through - and while our intentions are good we still need to feel good inside about ourselves in order to lead a happy life. ✨CHALLENGE ✨
If you can take a risk, be vulnerable and make a soul connection this month you just may come away feeling more passionately alive under this Scorpio moon. 🔥MANTRA🔥
"I transform, I desire"
"I die so that I may live again"

Scorpio is our ally to destroy, eliminate, let go in order to heal the past, recreate, begin anew with passion so call on your DARK FEMININE POWER (fellas included). Invite in Kali and rattle your necklace of skulls. Let Pele purify you in her fires and begin again. Invite Lilith to be with you in claiming your freedom and sexual power. 💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀Scorpio’s cycle is here to develop our resilience. Completions and endings are all around us. Some are painful, some disturbing. What Scorpio illuminates is our power to respond.
Because how we respond is our choice. And who/what we chose to give our power to is what we need to closely examine this month. Scorpio is about choosing your response to what life serves up and challenging experiences deepen our wisdom. We can then hold more joy, more presence, more gratitude, more power.

Happy Transformation Month.
#divinefeminine #scorpiolife #tarotreadersofinstagram #psychicsofinstagram #rebirth #transformation #transform #desire #kali #pele #lilith #selflove #selfwork #astrology #zodiac #moonastrology
User Image lilfitzyyy Posted: Nov 18, 2017 7:45 PM (UTC)
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"Ya Amar" - Arabic for "my moon" or "my most beautiful." Feeling the #ScorpioNewMoon vibes so powerful today, it's like running through my veins. // "Scorpio is our ally to destroy, eliminate, let go in order to heal the past, recreate, begin anew with passion." Via #mysticmamma // photo via #pinterest #channelingenergy
User Image omasan_juwa Posted: Nov 18, 2017 7:47 PM (UTC)
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Today, I woke with a reminder of how precious and gracious life has been. It's not just another birthday, It's a new dawn in my life. So much has happened these past years but all glory to God we don't look like what we've been through 😜 . It's all part of my Master's plan. All for good!
To incredible friends (old and new) , well wishers, loved ones (all them beautiful souls I connected with) and relatives I appreciate the care and support. 🙌
To my siblings, @augusta_alex @tosanalex1 @manniealex y'all are amazeballs! love you unconditionally! 😘
To my parents through whom I was birthed none compares to you, simply irreplaceable! 😍
To God without whom there's no me I'm forever most grateful. He has set in motion marvelous work in my life I'm living it; loving it
#strongerthanIwas #rebirth #Newchapter #madein1992 #Newme #boundlesslove #happytobeloved #prettywoman #babygirlforlife

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