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Sunday’s are spent at the bar! Haven’t done deads in 6 months so kept it light at 4x8 @ 40kg then 5x1 at 60kg and just played around with form and technique. This was probably the 2nd set so I took a few things from this vid and worked on correcting them each time (shoulder position, starting point, grip etc)
Some honesty.
Your life is a scrap book, you erase those who walked into your life for a minute then left you like you meant nothing, you change friends names around according to order or how relivant they are to you nowadays, the drawings of places you want to visit become bigger on your priorities, you notice family members that was once there now vanishing as years pass, you then look at your career see what has changed how you progressed, you look at friends and understand why you don't have many anymore, you notice you have become sick of certain foods and places you go to often, you crave adventure more than last week, the income does not matter but your bills get higher, you share what you have, yet have nothing for yourself, you love the people that love you, but never understand why they love you back, then you come to a blank page this is your future but it's empty... You leave this blank, because someone somewhere has your name wrote inside it, you then understand exactly why you are alive today and the reasons it's called a scrap book, knowing anything can be changed and rewritten.

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