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Thank you babe for bringing me home Chick-Fil-A when I'm starving. Not loosing it when I ruined our dining room chair with paint when I made the dinning room my art area. And for just loving me how I am.
Who else drives their partner crazy??😂
"Who is on the panel at your event?" Well, friends, we're thrilled to introduce you to our next TWO panelists, husband and wife, Shawn and Erica Miller!
The story of their Company, @younghipandmarried, started back in 2004—with a wedding of course. After just over a year of knowing each other, Shawn and Erica got hitched! Their journey inspired them to want to help others get married and stay married. They initially started out as a relationship coaching company but quickly teamed up with a wedding officiant and began to offer both coaching and officiating to engaged couples. In 2013 their business gained more recognition; runner up for the Best Wedding Officiant in BC and in 2014, 2015 & 2016, awarded Best Wedding Officiant in BC and YH&M received the Industry Achievement Award at the Professional BC Wedding Awards. Over the next several years Young Hip & Married exploded and expanded all across BC as well as into Alberta and Ontario. In 2015 the company booked close to 400 weddings across Canada—with 20+ officiants and four coaches working with together under Shawn and Erica as they further the mission of getting married and staying married.
We are over the moon to have these two at our event.
Over the summer, we had a fireside chat with them and to say they know what they' re talking about is an understatement.
Want to chat with them at our next event?
Tickets are in the link in our profile!
Are you guilty of this, too? (We know we are!) It's easy to get carried away when we fall in love. To spin ahead to the future and fall even more in love with who we think our partners will be. If the situation were reversed, and those assumptions made, we wouldn't like that one bit.
And really, how fair is that?
So we propose a new way of thinking.
A new promise to make.
This one:
"I promise to love you as the person you are and not the person I thought you would be."
Powerful and freeing isn't it?
Send this promise to someone you think needs to hear it or tag them below and let 'em know you love them for exactly who they are.
What an absolutely wonderful weekend. Fire pit & friends Friday night. Wedding guest & girls night out on Saturday. Puppy cuddles, hubby cuddles & a night full of family tonight at our home. This is what weekends are supposed to be made of! Well rested & ready to tackle the week ahead!! #stramaraadventures #penelopepopper #jibbyjoo #pitbullsofinstagram #sundayfunday #whatweekendsaremadefor
Happy Birthday to my honey love!!!! I thank God that we get to have our super star one more year! To us you are the best soccer player in the world, and without your soccer adventures we would be a dysfunctional family 😂. Thank you for being a great daddy to our babies and a great husband. May this year be even better than the last. I ❤️ you Angel De Alba. Even when we have to help each other walk I'll be right there to ❤️ you and hold your hand. 😘💋😍#trueloveexist#realmarriage#dealbabook
"Who is on the panel at your next event?" We'll, friends, we're thrilled to introduce you to one of our panelists, Nicole Haley!
She is a CTI Co-Active Coach, Relationship Coach and founder of @NicoleTalksLove. Nicole helps women unlock their heart and create lasting empowered love. With over ten years of both teaching and coaching experience, Nicole has developed a signature coaching program that empowers women how to take a different approach to dating to find authentic love. Nicole’s teachings include how to navigate relationships, understand the opposite sex and to own one’s power. Through her workshops and signature coaching program, Nicole has helped hundreds of women to attract and keep the relationship they want. The truth is, Nicole was initially no different than her clients in her relationships. Thankfully, she learned the lessons she needed to and found authentic love. When she shares, it's from her heart - based on experience, knowing the pain of entering into the same negative relationships time and again. And how destructive they can be for your mind, body, and soul.
How amazing is she?
Want to chat with her at our next event?
Tickets are in the link in our profile!
SOULmate Sunday
Read this quote close. "and then my SOUL saw you". PEOPLE use their nature eye to determine if a person is the right one. However, it has nothing to do with what God has for you. Of course if the package looks good it awesome, but sometimes it can be wrapped really pretty and what's inside is awful. Those that are single pray for instruction from the Lord while dating. Married couples tell your REAL story to singles to prepare them for a awesome marriage.
#soulmates #godordained #marriagewins #realmarriage #reallove #myspouse
Hi there! We're the Aller's, but our friends (that's you!) call us Jake and Tay. We believe in fart jokes, checking our egos, and obnoxious nicknames.
We're all about delicious REALationships and are right alongside you navigating this thing called marriage.
We think it's normal to pop each others pimples, make mistakes, and pee with the door open.
We don't believe in the "highlight reels" and try our best to keep it real like the '90s by showcasing real couples, real relationships, and real learning so we can all design the relationship we love.
Speaking of REALationships, we've got 2 exciting things happening that you need to know about:
- If you're into REALationships, you've gotta be at our Panel Discussion Event happening MEXT Thursday. (The link in our profile has tickets and more info! Jump in!)
- We've got a FREEBIE for you in our profile on Fair Fighting 'cause conflicts are normal and they can even be a good thing. (Say what?!) Oh yeah. Head over to the link in our profile to snag that, too!
Tell us friends, which one of these exciting things are you jumping in on?
Freebie or Event!
(Or are you jumping in on both? 😄 Cause there's bonus points if you are! 😂)
Let us know below!
Can we get a high five 🙌🏻 for this one?
Researcher Hall says, "playfulness between romantic partners is a crucial component in bonding and establishing relational security. Particularly, shared laughter is an important indicator of romantic attraction between potential mates."
So laugh on, sweet friends, with that special person you take seriously.
Speaking of which, what's a funny thing you and your partner take part in?
We'll go first:
We have an on-going "nip-war" where we flick nipples and run. (@tayloraller is winning 😂)
What about you friends? Tell us yours below!
Arguments, conflicts, bickering.
We get it. It's normal to go through and we all know that it can be part of the REALationship experience, right?
(If you don't, you do now 😂)
But. Did you know it doesn't have to suck?
We've created another new FREEBIE for you, friends.
'Cause conflicts don't have to be a bad thing--say what?!
We know that feeling when a conflict is right on the verge of happening and it's the last thing you want.
When we know it's not going to go well, or be just like the last time.
When we want to do things differently and don't know where to start.
Well, that's where this FREEBIE comes in.
We're sharing with you our top tips on Fighting Fair and a custom worksheet on how to actually implement them.
'Cause friends, it's possible for conflicts to be a good thing.
(We see you thinking--"Huh?")
But, yes.
Conflicts, for us, are like showing up to the basketball court for game time with our best teammate to do some learning, growing, and connecting.
It's feels rewarding, it feels productive, and sometimes it can be fun.
(Notice comfortable or easy was not in that list!)
Conflicts are a chance for us to show up as the partners we want to be and "level up" together.
If this sounds like you, AMAZING, we know how much hard work it takes to get there! Great job. ❤️
If this sounds like what you'd like to work on, click the link in our bio and the FREEBIE is all yours.
Let us know, friends, do you love freebies as much as we do? What should we deliver to you next?
📷: @thisisitstudios

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