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User Image enbrisbane Posted: Jan 24, 2018 7:45 AM (UTC)

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Pastor Tina Atiga takes us through Chapter 3 of the Book of Ephesians and reminds us to be rooted and grounded in love. It has always been God’s choice to lay his life down for you. God will not change a certain situation to benefit you. He will change your perception by changing your heart. Is there anything in your heart right now that is fuelling you to try and look good?

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User Image blessed1keesh Posted: Jan 24, 2018 7:42 AM (UTC)

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I believe that when you encounter the right one they will touch every part of your being. They will be your very best friend and bring out the very BEST in you. They will keep you laughing, keep you feeling young and ALIVE. They will give your inner child like soul permission to flourish with laugher and joy. They will challenge your mind, and they will allow you to just be you in every since of the matter. Wait for someone that brings the kid out of you again, wait for someone that makes you laugh like no one else and gives you permission to live. Being single isn't always fun... It gets lonely, can be boring, and it feels like you're never going to get what you truly want or deserve. But guess what? Settling for the wrong person feels the exact same way. It's lonely, boring, and you feel as though you will never get what you want or deserve from them. And you will always feel something is missing & will be in search of things to fill the void that they can't fill because they aren't the one for you. I'd rather be alone in hopes that true happiness finds me rather to settle with unhappiness & still feel alone. There is someone out there for everyone, i truly believe that. There is someone that will come into your life and change everything that you thought you knew about love.... Be patient enough to wait on that. Everything you could have ever dreamed of and more is on the other side of patience. Be patient...its coming.... ❤️Goodnight! #goals#inspirationalquotes#motivation#motivationalquotes#inspire#inspirational#inspiration#positive#positivequotes#positivethinking#love#REALLOVE#happiness#waitingonGod#whatsmeanttobewillbe#future#destiny#
User Image cassiephim Posted: Jan 24, 2018 7:39 AM (UTC)

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What an epic morning and day... Sometimes we all just need a good Paddlin! So thankful for the experience I’ve had in outrigger canoes thanks to my Ohana and Na Kai Ewalu Canoe club @nkecanoeclub Mahalo ke Akua🙏🏼🤙🏼
Gestern Abend habe ich mit der lieben Charleen on @charleeneggersfotografie getroffen und ein bisschen zu Quatsch und uns auszutauschen. 😊 Die liebe Charleen durfte ich letztes Jahr im Spätjahr auf einem Brunch mit vielen weiteren super tollen Fotografinnen kennenlernen. Und wie es der Zufall will, haben wir uns in London dann zum Shooting verabredet, wobei dieses tolle Bild von ihr und ihrem Schatz Daniel entstand ist. 😍

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