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User Image infrnity Posted: Feb 24, 2018 9:55 PM (UTC)

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User Image tomh0tland Posted: Feb 24, 2018 9:39 PM (UTC)

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I would never have thought my life would revolve around this little kid from kingston. Tom is such a precious genuine human being that needs and should be protected at all cost FR 💓💗💓❤️💙💗💕💝💛💜💚💖❣️💓💞💘💙💖
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Ac: me (i added voiceover so creds if u use this audioooo)
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User Image frankadlers Posted: Feb 24, 2018 9:24 PM (UTC)

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[vc @brvnnhilde] we dont deserve this goddess,,i love her
(Y/N) (L/N), you’ve been helping out with the avengers for 3 years now. When you were 12, your parents died in a car accident .You were now 15 and living with your uncle Tony and all the other avengers, you were inspired by your uncle Tony’s technology for a while so you decided to go into his lab and help out ever since then you were behind a lot of the avengers technology work. Your Uncle had sent you to high school to have a normal life you attended midtown high, you were pretty popular your best friend was liz Allen and your boyfriend was Flash Thompson. Nobody knew about your uncle you were good at keeping secrets. Lately you Flash and liz have been distant, you started hanging out with your lab partner ned Leeds and his friend peter parker and Flash being Flash he got jealous and dumped you. You explain everything to your uncle Tony and you got to stay home for a couple of days. You kept in touch with Ned but you were really connected with Peter. You found out he was spider-man and you told him about your uncle. Peter would always stop by the tower to see you. Your feelings grew for peter every day and so did his. Finally peter asked you out you were both dating for 4 months, you would sneak around together not wanting to leave each others side. One day you were in your room at the tower and you and peter were laying down watching a movie and things escalated but you guys heard footsteps and stopped. You got up to go to the bathroom and when you looked in the mirror a scream of terror escaped your lips. “PETER BENJAMIN PARKER WHAT DID YOU DO!?” with that peter ran into the bathroom in a panic. “WHAT (Y/N) WHAT DID I DO” you turned around to show him the trail of hickeys he left on your neck. With that peter turned a crimson red and put his arm on the back of his neck and tried to get words out. “uh, darn oops, sorry?” “Peter what are we going to do?” “your a girl y/n aren’t you familiar with the whole makeup thing?” “no peter i’m not that familiar with it” you tell him trying not to slap him across the face. You heard your uncle Tony call you guys down for dinner, shit you both looked at each other. Peter waited outside of your room *more in comments*

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