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HAPPY 25th BIRTHDAY TO ME! ^.^ I am truly blessed to be able to still celebrate another Bday! With all the support I’ve been receiving from Family,Friends (: its Been a rlly tough road Ive never expected to ever experience or go thru but I never let tht for one bit bring me down or whats so ever.. lol I always kepted my head held up high #StayedPositive and kept Fightin and still till now Im still fightin (:< #Libra #Happy25ThBirthday #FuckCancer #CancerAintGotShitOnMe #Blessed #RickAndMorty #NoobNoob #PickleRick #Positive #Fight #RayBans #Hipster LOL!!
Sometimes it takes a shift in perspective to recognise that a lot of the time we are already abundant in the things we are wanting so desperately to bring into our lives.
What is something you’re wanting to bring into your life?
In what way do you already have that thing?
Where focus goes energy flows, so by feeling grateful for what you already have, you open yourself up to receiving more of it.
The bottom line? Be grateful.
Inspired by chats with @olivia_scott
I was going to give up social media for a while but then this traffic light made my selfie game straight fire 🔥 #sorrynotsorry

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